What game has the best soundtrack?

I’m not a huge audiophile, or whatever word is associated with someone who enjoys video game music; but I have a particular interest in music, not professional (of-course). So, here I am.

With goals in mind:
1, Creating discussion about video game music, which will ultimately benefit me and you!
2, invigorating this “forum” (seriously, the state of this forum is pretty lackluster)

Anyways, feel free to leave a link of your favorite video game track or OST (original sound track).

I will put mine in one of the comments I think.

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My favorite (currently) is from a game called Armored Core, a video game I knew nothing about until From Soft’s E3 announcement of Armored Core Flames of Rubicon. This announcement got me interested in the game and the music.
Which led me to this song.

Take a listen, if it doesn’t fit you, that’s fine. For me, its comforting music.


FromSoftware makes god tier music. My favorites are from Dark souls 3. Secret Betrayal is a favorite.
Legend of Zelda has some of the most iconic musics though. So much nostalgia.
Anyway From an objective prespective. Nier:Automata takes the crown. Simply the pinnacle of video game ost. Doom 2016 is also god tier.


Honestly, I almost forgot the Nier:Automata sound tracks; however, I simply have to concur. Square Enix just went above and beyond with the Nier:Automata soundtrack.

Goosebumps from listening to it. Relaxing and grounded within the Nier world. Also, another song that isn’t necessarily from Nier:Automata but it comes from the same ‘Universe’ so to say. This song I can only praise.

This song is from Drakengard 3, I don’t know where it is exactly within the game but it is a fantastic song.
As for Secret Betrayal… For someone who has beaten DS3 with 328 hours, it’s not really a song I noticed all that much compared to Darkeater Midir’s theme or Slave Knight Gael’s theme. Though, it is definitely memorably to say the least.

OK! This isn’t a video game sound track

I know the title is “What game has the best sound track”

But hear me out (pun intended).

The song, “Waltz of Thieves” is just too good to give up. This song is very reminiscent of a past epoch where Synth music was the norm for games, much akin to games played on Machintoshes, or Commodores, or even early Microsoft PC’s. Hell, the whole album reeks of nostalgic point and click bit crushed magic. It has a very distinct sound, for reference this is Old RuneScape’s “Sea Shanty2”:

It’s something uncommon to hear, so I wanted to quickly give that a shout-out.

And if you aren’t satisfied with THAT, here’s some Guilty Gear Strive OST’s

This is quite frankly an unforgettable main theme; and what other game than a fighter game would dare hold that mantle. The Vocalist, Naoki Hashimoto, and the Composer, Daisuke Ishiwatari, do a fantastic job of creating an adrenaline pumping song to get the blood flowing, at least for me and my friends who agree this song is the BOMB. The Guilty Gear Strive OST is oozing with a plethora of good rock to blast on the road or jam out to beating people up with; but, why stop there when you can also listen to Guilty Gear Xrd?

“Heavy Day” is a classic ‘Must Listen’ Guilty Gear song. Composed and sung by the name people mentioned above, it is just an amazing song. It has much the same energy as the aforementioned “Smell Of The Game”: adrenaline inducing and pure fun.

Now for something I failed to mention previously.

The Marty O’Donnell Halo Original Sound Track are just some of the best of the best of video game sound designs. Peace, tension, climax, and resolution. These soundtracks can convey whatever scene they are in to a T.
For example take a listen to this Halo ODST song (it’s a compiled mix of songs that form the ODST’s Theme, but that shouldn’t take away form the gradiose magic of it all)

Also (since I am a bit of a Halo nerd), if you don’t really know what an ODST is in Halo, check out this trailer:

Honestly, I just plugged that because I really love these trailers. I’ll be honest and say that Halo 3 had the best trailers, check 'em out.

These are goddamn trailers for a GAME, these were insane when they came out and they still are.

Talking of Fighting Games, I always liked the classic Cammy soundtrack.
Had it for my ringtone for a while and used to get good comments at the office.

Been also listening to random King of Fighters OSTs from over the years, pretty decent music there too.

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Street fighter had never been on my radar too much, I never played it when it came out so it totally passed my mind.

To be squarely honest, I’ve never heard a Street Fighter song before you mentioned it; and, another note, I’ve always weirdly attributed the F-Zero theme to being a street fighter song.

But it is not…
So, thanks for the song shout-out. I especially like the Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix section of the video, so calming and relaxing~!

But, hey speaking of retro video games let’s talk about Undertale and Yume Nikki
There are just innumerable amounts of playlists with these games’ soundtracks in them.

Yume Nikki (or Yume 2kki) is a web based exploration game. A little vague, but there really is no other way to describe it. It’s free and its best enjoyed with friends.
The reason I bring it up is because of the relaxing music from Yume Nikki

This playlist is literally hours long (3 hours to be precise) of relaxing music to listen at the leisure. I recommend it, for studying, playing games, whatever.

Now Toby Fox’s Undertale is something praise worthy. Toby Fox is a fantastic artist that presents all of his talents within Undertale. Although Undertale is about $10, it is a worthy purchase if you are looking to alleviate boredom or are looking for an interesting game. Anyways, the soundtrack is superb.
Obviously there is:


and at the end, the bowtie to this magnificent package:

Which you don’t have to like, but I am completely enamored by it.

P.S Sorry about the Yume 2kki link

Oh, speaking of old games, the midi era had some decent melodies.

I remember playing those eroges and appreciating the music more.

True Love

Love Potion

The Final Fantasy games have had great music compositions from the start.
A few favourites of mine from the early years are:

I had only started undertale so don’t know much about their music, except for Megalovania as it was hyped a lot.

Castlevania series has good music too.
Bloody Tears being my most listened to.

Oof… I should get back into playing the mega man games, just to enjoy the music :notes: :smile:
The games itself are great. Battle Network series being my go to for replaying.

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Eroge games! :sweat_smile: I didn’t expect them to have decent music besides royalty free.
But there is one surprising one, that comes out of left field.

Feel free to check out the OST; however, I heard the game is a little NSFL
Anyways, yeah! I didn’t expect Eroge games to have good soundtracks… Ok, maybe they can once in a blue moon, but it’s an unexpected feature; but a welcomed one
Also, I have been listening to the Atomic Heart OST, and it is very similar to the DOOM OSTs:

Older games are cool, but I didn’t play them back then so I guess I will have to play them sooner or later… It’s nice to hear the classic songs.

Hey! Hey! I’m back! Not alot of traffic around here 'eh?
In any case, I’ve got some music to recommend here again… Regardless if anyone reads this or responds :sob: :sob:
This song is actually from Genshin Impact, a game I never thought I would recommend someone to listen to

The clarinet opening is fantastic and I think the orchestra really goes hard in letting this song blossom. Call me a sucker for this type of music, but when i listen to it when doing something mundane and it makes it a million times better almost like I’m treading a storm to finish it
I just don’t have a eloquent enough vocabulary to describe the mesmerizing feeling this song encapsulates.
I recommend giving this playlist a listen, if you want to relax:

Personally I don’t play Genshin Impact, I just like the music.
Oh yeah! It’s DMC time
Devil May Cry has awesome music

It speaks for itself, so I don’t have much to write about when it comes to it :joy:
Just take a listen and enjoy it for yourself.

The Devil May Cry series has exceptional music for a beat 'em up. I have not played the DMC games but I heard that as-well as the superb soundtrack it also boasts impressive gameplay.

I think the next series I should recommend will be the Beyonneta Series or the Monster Hunter Series.

Phew~! It feels like everytime I come back here to post another recommendation I get exhausted, like writing these is becoming a chore… I used to like writing these posts, but now I have to find the energy to continue writing.
With that out of the way, here’s Monster Hunter World’s Fatalis themes

Like most other games, Dragons are depicted as epic creatures that defy the constraints of monster into legend, and in my opinion Monster Hunter captures this raw feeling of facing off a creature of myth perfectly. the entire symphony creates an unforgettable experience as-well as an awesome song(s). From the get-go, Monster Hunter doesn’t hold your hand in these games ( as in not a power fantasy) so these themes and the subsequent victory create a euphoric feeling of victory.

I’ll come clean. I lied. I don’t really want to talk about Beyonetta. For all intents and purposes, it is a fantastic game with amazing music; but, I cannot in the face of Metal Gear.

From MGS 1 to MGSV, the Metal Gear Solid series has boasted an incredible set of soundtracks. Hideo Kojima really knows what music to use in each of his games:
From Snake Eater:
Snake Eater - YouTube
to Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday:
Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday - YouTube
and even to quiet’s theme:
Quiet's Theme - YouTube
(this video show cases all of them, as copying and pasting all the links would be redundant Metal Gear Solid Saga - Main Vocal Themes - YouTube)
All of these games have incredible soundtracks, even some of the song that aren’t made specifically for the game fit it pretty perfectly like Not Your Kind Of People - YouTube for MGSV and The Man Who Sold the World (2010 Remaster) - YouTube
Which at this point makes the MGS ost’s feel more like Hideo Kojima personal playlists… cough cough Death stranding cough cough (BB's Theme - YouTube)
In all honesty Hideo Kojima has impeccable taste in music which is perfectly represented in his video game series, not just from Death Stranding or MGS but all the way back in Policenauts and Snatcher.

Post script: Idk if the links pop up as videos, but if they don’t meh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow~! This is a long scroll now, and it is mostly me :smiling_face_with_tear:.
I’ve asked for other’s opinions about video game music but no one responds…
Welp! I suppose I will keep going on until this forum becomes popular, or has a decent amounts of replies. But unfortunately, as I am only one person, there are only so many video game soundtracks I can recommend before I run out of games to recommend… So, maybe I have come onto an impasse~ :stuck_out_tongue:
Regardless of all of that, I believe that the LewdZone forums might not be the most conducive place to inquire “What Game Has The Best Soundtrack”; however, I also believe that as the forums thrive so will smaller topics like this one will thrive. So with that in mind, I am willing to let this topic simmer and I will be taking more passive approach moving foward, posting every one in a while rather than how I’ve been doing.
At the time of writing, I feel like this topic is the most fleshed out so far (from what I’ve seen). My thoughts is that with time, this topic will become more appreciated in the future.

Well TL;DR if you really don’t like reading: until I feel like it, I’m going on hiatus~! じゃね!

Bonetown … super tracks in this game.

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Well I’m back~!

Seeing as armored core IV comes out today, it seemed only fair to comeback as sort of a welfare-check of sorts.

I’ve never heard of Bonetown, so this seems interesting! The music sounds almost like it belongs in Saints row or GTA. I’ll look into this game more indepth when I get the chance~

In the mean time- I have some more music to recommend!
Take a listen, you might have heard of it before. It is: the Silent Hill 2 ost.
It’s become something of an “asmr” or “aesthetic” for whatever reason. I think it’s because ironically the music is calming/soothing; yet, I suppose, it’s like a mountain which has its crevasses and treacherous depths. Or maybe people want to listen to something while they zone out in their everyday lives.

Linked is a playlist containing the complete soundtrack. Though, notable songs are: Wishful Thinking and Dog Ending.

I think I should also mention the Silent Hill 1 soundtrack which also packs a splendid plethora of music.

Though, I would be truly remiss if i didn’t mention the Lost in Vivo ost aswell (since it seems to fit)

Linked is the entire soundtrack- it’s good, trust me, and if you find a song you don’t like: keep looking. There’s bound to be something for you in these playlists.

Thanks for the reply~! <3

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A game called Sonic Colors and the song for planet wisp is great.
Sonic colors: Planet Wisp Act One

There is the remake to the song in the new Sonic Colors Ultimate. Not a big fan of it, but here it is for those who want to hear it.
Sonic Colors Ultimate: Planet Wisp Act One

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I never saw this post until i was just scrolling through LewdZone forums. I love videogame music and glad someone is posting sound tracks of great music.

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Hey hey~! Thanks for the reply! I always appreciate reading comments on this post!
Also, thanks for recommending the Sonic Colors’ song! It reminds me of Sonic R and also Sonic Adventures…

I remember playing Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast, so seeing your recommendation brought back some memories!
Though I’m not the biggest Sonic fan, I do appreciate all of the music. Sonic strangely (more-so now) has a wide breath of music which I’m all for! I think Sonic’s music has always kinda been with the times- like when they had Crush40 with Escape from the city, Live & Learn, and I am all of me.
As of recent, with the latest installment, Sonic Frontiers, they’ve gone with a more metal aesthetic with Undefeatable , Break through it all, and Find your flame.

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Chrono Cross (PS1) has some of the best songs, the new version (PS4) not so much.
Chrono Cross OST full soundtrack.
Grandia 1 my favorite game of all time has great music.
Grandia OST (2000)
My Dorm also has a great soundtrack. The downside is I do not know any of the songs. :frowning:

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Wait you are not the biggest Sonic Fan? (Looks at avatar and name). Well could have fooled me. LOL!
Well here is some Sonic 2006 soundtrack: His World.
It gets you ready for a great game.

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