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so uh, hi. We have forums up, anyone got some random crap to talk about?


Chainsaw man is so much fun.


just started watching code geass

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That’s a good one too. The art style is not my type but the characters and plot carried.

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Overwatch 2 balance is dogshit. At least the new r34 content coming in is nice.


too real man, too real…

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Yooo :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I agree, but bleach hype is making me dope

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Chainsaw Man hype is also unreal.

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I recently enjoyed watching Full Dive

Personally, I wouldn’t want to game with that level of Hard-Core Realism… I’d get super annoyed pretty soon.

But the force feedback and sense of Touch, scent and taste is fine by me.
Even the pain factor… I could bare it, as long as you get re-spawned on death (with all your gear and experience)

Hardcore realism where your character perma-dies upon death, is just frustrating and doesn’t make the game fun… for me. :person_shrugging:


Ever played Dark Souls series? Hard can be fun if done right. The thing is, you cant understand the fun part untill you beat at least 1/4th of the game, memorize the movesets of enemies and have a real sense of danger.

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Yeah I started with Dark Souls (then later tried the Demon Souls 1 and 2)

I gave up playing eventually. but my cousin picked it up and ended the game.
He liked the challenge aspect of it.

I get the figuring out mechanics / patterns aspect.
But I prefer games where I can enjoy exploring and adventuring without worrying about death and penalties.

It’s the same where I venture into some high level area of an open world game and then get killed by some random enemy from behind or an enemy that didn’t show their level. You then die, lose all your stuff and it becomes a problem to recover.

Which is why I give up early in Soul like and Survival games (Conan Exiles).

Problem with me is that I like all these games. They have rich story and amazing visuals and the Fantasy, Horror Theme when present is a bonus. Unfortunately they become unplayable for me pretty quickly and I don’t have enough time to game endlessly. I might have the patience for it, but there is a point of where you don’t have enough time to struggle and get better, so you end up not enjoying the experience.

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Unlike other generic open-world games, Dark souls are fair, and there is no absurd enemy scaling. The balance is where the beauty lies. you can beat the games in the franchise without even leveling up. Those are called souls level 1 runs.
Anyway, I completely get where you are coming from. not everyone has to like tense, competitive and adrenaline rush types of games. Laid-back games like Abzu, Journey, and Firewatch are amazing as well. One of the biggest portions of my gaming time goes to farming games like Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher, Minecraft, No Man’s Sky etc. I would love to play Subnautica, but I have thalassophobia (fear of deep water), so I can’t enjoy that game comfortably.

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By the way, Grimgar is one of the most realistic Isekai anime I have ever watched.

Re:zero is also dope but a lot of stress.


Yeah. The first ever time I played Minecraft(back in the early days), I chose creator mode.
I enjoyed just having all the items and simply create stuff then and there.
But then I tried and the other mode and was like… uhhh what do i do, how do I do, where are all the good stuff?

The crafting, grinding aspect with no tutorial at the time, instantly put me off.
And I found out that I couldn’t port my Platforming Tower I made so lovingly in the Creator Mode, into the Adventure Mode of my copy of the game or even a friend’s server. So all that time wasted.

(Mute the Audio: At the time of recording, I didn’t realize that the mic was not muted)

No Man Sky, even with it’s basic content at launch, was so much enjoyable. I spent a lot of time simply exploring my starter world (walking around) and didn’t get to the point of fully fixing my ship and traveling off-world till the new updates rolled in. That game was pure enjoyment to me. Also I do like Space and Sci-fi elements, so it was a plus point from the start.

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Ah, Yes, Re:Zero
I only watched the first Season.
I did find it decent. (I like the whole Groundhog Day (1993), Day resetting aspect)
Loved that Sound Effect when he died/respawned.
Had it as my Ringtone for a while.

Never heard about Hai to Gensou no Grimgar before :hushed:
Will look into it now.
Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

I think I started the Novel or Manga for The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari)
I liked the concept of him being ostracized for his equipment but then he showed them up by making the best use of it. I don’t think I finished watching the Anime though.

Similar Fantasy Theme setting: Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk
and it’s sequel: The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk

That is an old Anime by now, but it was really good.

But ofcourse if we are talking about Isekai, Game type RPG setting, Virtual Reality and the like.
My favourite would definitely be .hack//Sign (series)

I read the first 2 books of Sword Art Online (and watched their corresponding Anime series),
Though I enjoyed them (Gun Gale online more so)… what happened to them later on, just didn’t felt right. I mean, the sort of Harem or romance focus was what put me slightly off.

The emo, lonely start of .Hack//Sign and everything else in the story, just gravitated me more towards that series and I enjoyed all of them.

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This is going to be Great!!!

woooo amazing to be here.

Whhhatt the hell happend herre. what are we talkin about,?, i think i lost it at minecraft, lol

Yeah, the Anime talk themed around Hardcore Realism Games Isekai style flowed towards Chill and Creative Adventuring PC Gaming