We're in it now, lads

well , weโ€™re down the rabbit hole now :laughing:
just dont want to get attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis
nothing like good times with family and friends :innocent:

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well! I just recently joined. Finally, be able to see a forum for this site.

actually happy to see a forum for the site, should help alot!

My favorite isekai anime.

I wonder how long before parody games start coming in

It gets 10x better in season 2, check it if you have time

Dogshit anime and semi-decent manga. Has such a good premise and first arc but author made it generic complex OP-MC harem isekai later on

Ah, sad to hear that about Shield Hero Anime.
I really liked the starting premise.

And, yeah. I really should get back to watching Re: Zero

I finished watching Grimgar.
Apparently I had already watched a few starting episodes when it was first released but never finished it upon catching up to then latest episode.
It was a pleasant watch. Definitely less stressful and enjoyable pacing/story telling than watching Full Dive :smiley:

Any other android exclusive gamers?

Currently an Azur Lane player. I used to play LoL: Wild Rift, and MLBB. Canโ€™t find the time to play two or more games, so I chose Azur Lane haha

how do i make an account on Adult Games | Page - 1 | Lewdzone.com? when i try to log in with my username or gmail, it says there are no accounts with that, or that something is wrong. iโ€™ve only been able to make an account on lewdzone FORUMS! any help would be greatly appreaciated! :slight_smile:

@wolfyboy Check the topic at #meta:site-feedback you will find the exact answer to your question