Guide to post a game related bug/error

Found a bug in a game? Share here!

First of all, it is entirely up to the developers to fix their games. We at LewdZone do not offer such a service to fix games. However, we might offer solutions to common and well-known problems. Maybe we will be able to attract developers to reply to these issues directly. There is also the community itself. Ideally, if another member knows the solution, they will help you with the issue. Best of luck.

In heroes rise prison escape game how to get sleeping pills please explain

On Miri’s Corruption v0.1.9 there is no sound or sfx. I do not know if there was no sfx from the start or if there is a bug with game.

No instala el juego y una pregunta es para android pero no instala el juegi

in my new life when your about to go on a date with carol there’s a loading error please help

Hello in my game animatrocs is pink

in welcome to nicest when I click on the phone’s heart
TypeError: cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined