Guide to post a game related bug/error

Found a bug in a game? Share here!

First of all, it is entirely up to the developers to fix their games. We at LewdZone do not offer such a service to fix games. However, we might offer solutions to common and well-known problems. Maybe we will be able to attract developers to reply to these issues directly. There is also the community itself. Ideally, if another member knows the solution, they will help you with the issue. Best of luck.

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In heroes rise prison escape game how to get sleeping pills please explain

On Miri’s Corruption v0.1.9 there is no sound or sfx. I do not know if there was no sfx from the start or if there is a bug with game.

No instala el juego y una pregunta es para android pero no instala el juegi

in my new life when your about to go on a date with carol there’s a loading error please help

Hello in my game animatrocs is pink

in welcome to nicest when I click on the phone’s heart
TypeError: cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

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in Wizardess Lintiara you cant get in a fight without being kicked out

How to install game in Android ?

Usually if you downloaded the correct file (name.apk) then, you click on it and it will ask you to install.

Only a few games require you to also download app data or obb folder of files and to paste them in the suggested location in your mobile.

But normally you need to download the main game .apk file and that’s enough.

Anyother file like a .exe is a windows file and you shouldn’t be downloading them on android.

.zip or .rar files are for the rare cases and these normally will be huge downloads like in 100MB to usually 1 or higher GigaBytes, so if you are downloading any zip file with only KiloBytes or small megabytes, then that is not the correct file. You should delete them as they might be files being sent by advertisers so they could be potentially harmful files for your windows PC.

For Android, only .apk files are needed for installation.

Check your downloaded file again and make sure it is a decent sized .apk game file.

Now there are other cases where a Ren’Py or RPGM windows game download can be played on an Android device, but you need the Joiplay emulator for that. And that in itself is not a 100% guarantee that the game will be fully compatible or even work.

In ‘Confined With Goddesses’, there’s an error that doesn’t allow the hand skill to be upgraded, completely halting all progress in the game in the 3.2 version.

While running game code:
File “game/Scenes/imagemaptalk/pcroom.rpy”, line 65, in
File “game/Scenes/other/var.rpy”, line 150, in incrstat
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘handskill’ referenced before assignment.

Not sure how to fix this myself.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/scripts/general/00charstats.rpy", line 491, in <module>
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/storage/emulated/0/com.aslpro3d.wcb1remastered/../RenPy/Persistent/'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scripts/general/00charstats.rpyc", line 487, in script
  File "renpy/", line 914, in execute
  File "renpy/", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode
  File "game/scripts/general/00charstats.rpy", line 491, in <module>
  File "renpy/", line 438, in save
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/storage/emulated/0/com.aslpro3d.wcb1remastered/../RenPy/Persistent/'

I am facing this screen whenever i try to open the game wicked choices…How can i get rid of it

i am facing a problems in games…. it’s like this… after installing a game it runs but everytime i click something in the game menu it doesn’t work at first and then i have to press alt+tab once and return to the game then it works…. same as after the start of the game……after starting the game everytime i click/enter in the game it doesn’t go/load to the next page/step in the game… then same as before i have to press alt+tab to out of the game and came back to the game then it loads/go to the next page/step in the game… this same process happens everytime i click/enter and the process continues to me pressing alt+tab to go out and return to the game… is there any solution to this? so that i can play smoothly and i don’t have to press alt+tab everytime to play the game… can anyone please give me a solution. i will be very grateful… thanks

yeah… same here… i think it happens to valerie situation… u can complete without progressing the valerie situation… it’s sad but i kinds did it like this way

Could be something up with your graphics card driver?
Try running in windowed mode from the game’s settings if available.

For some games pressing Alt+Enter or F5//F8/F11/F12 can switch window or fullscreen.

thanks for sharing that information… but i don’t know what’ s the problem with my pc… i can’t run any game smoothly after downloading… the same shit always happens :cry: :cry:

i have a question… in system requirements it says like pentium processor or equivalent… if i have some new better processor is it not gonna run ot do i need those pentium processor to run the game?

Higher should be fine.
Lower would usually be an issue

Everytime I play a game its kicks me out

Everytime I play a game its kicks me out