[GIVEAWAY] Monthoy Premium subscription to top forum members

You might have already noticed that we have started to host files in Fileknot.com
We have more control there if the files are deleted. We will always keep alternative good hosts like Mega around. Fileknot is offering around 500kbps download speed as we try to figure out the sweet spot. Servers are expensive so it has to make money somehow. We will increase the speed in near future affer we get a rogue estimate of the revenue from there from ads and premium subscription. Fileknot’s premium subscription is cheaper than mega and you get around 20mbps download speed (from our tests) and unmetered data cap unlike mega and is cheaper than Mega.
We also understand not everyone has means to buy premium subscriptions everywhere. So we are offering an alternative to get premium subscription for free to our power users who don’t have access to crypto or international cards.

GIVEAWAY 10 Fileknot premium subscription to the 10 most valued members every months.

How to be a valued member?
Create interesting posts, review some games, respond to questions etc. Most valuable contribution you can make is to create engaging posts in the forum. We would like to see the forum to flourish.

We are also creating another thread later where you can apply for being a forum mod.

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