The download Option ''Fileknot'' is a shit

they are putting this download option in all new games, the problem is that there are only two options in most ‘‘Mega’’ or ‘‘fileknot’’, Mega is limited to 1.3 GB per day, fileknot is EXTREMELY SLOW, Will I be forced to buy the premium version? use ‘‘gofile’’ ‘‘mediafire’’ ‘‘mixdrop’’ or ‘‘pixeldrain’’, fileknot sucks.

From what I remember, Mega starts it’s cool down at reaching 4GB.

If you are on PC or Mobile, you can use free VPNs with no download data limits to change your IP and continue the downloads.

A good/user friendly download lister and resumer for PC is JDownloader2

Can’t say anything for Fileknot as I can’t recall if I’ve used it for large files, yet.

Apart for the free service of Fileknot, lewdzone have setup a giveaway contest to win premium Fileknot service.


I 100% agree the fileknot is shit. I am only replying asking if you have a VPN? If so mega is awesome. Once I hit that the limit for the day I change my location on mega, and refresh the page and it will pick up where if left out until you hit the limit again with that IP address at which time I just switch locations again and resume.