WoW parody game

I don’t exactly have a picture or anything, but i don’t know where else to ask this.

There is a sandbox world of warcraft game I’m trying to find, but it isn’t any of the ones on the main site. I’m SURE I downloaded it before from there, but I think it’s been removed.

I Believe you are a female protagonist (Blood elf possibly) you have a series of objectives and missions, free roam, and the game is quite decent looking. It’s loaded with NPCs and everything. IIRC, you start the game at night in a small village or something with some orcs and an armorer, then eventually it’s daytime and you explore a VERY warcraft looking village with an Inn, a lake, and a sawmill or w/e.

Does this ring a bell for anyone that may have played it? Most likely Unreal engine.

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Whorecraft: The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza. Made by Auril.