Would you support non sexual game?


I know this is an adult site but, would you financially support a game with no sexual content?

Why and why not?

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No, cause I only play sandbox games with insane levels of depth like Empyrion: Galactic Survival, and I just buy the game on steam.

I spend time around the various lewd sites, f95, etc explicitly for adult content that fills a specific fetish that doesn’t exist in porn (incest), or at least hasn’t really existed since the 70s except maybe in some closed communities, I have no idea, I am too lazy to find out.

If we are being clear that its VNs or similar types of games, that have the sort of gameplay you expect from adult games but without sexual content, then it just will not interest me.

To be clear about my stance, I will buy a complete game, that is already reviewed, on Steam, GoG, etc, but I will not support the development of a non adult game.