Worked IT, girlfriend Sun went home?

Hi I am trying to remember this game, I loved it, and I think there was an update.

You worked as an IT guy, and your girlfriend Sun went back to korea to work. You got promoted and met some wonderful people. Such as a co worker, girl at gym and ended when you went to a meeting and Sun was there.

Here is some more detail.

You worked I.T. and after a while you got a promotion and was to lead a team. You work with an older horny guy, a woman and someone else.

After a while you take a co-worker you have known for almost a year out on a date, she loved it, and tells her roomate it was one of the best dates she ever had, especially the kiss.

The other girl you meet at the gym door, it was raining and closed. Later you hear somebody that sounds like they are in trouble. You see the girl you met and she is accussing her friend of being pregnant, but she had food poisoning. You say you remember the girl, and her friend says is this the guy you where talking about. you have a lovely workout with her, and later meet her on a bench.

your girlfriend at the start goes home to south korea to work, you are devistated. evenly in your job you are told that some other people from the company from south korea are coming. you meet two old gentleman and your ex girlfriend.

The game ended here, and I think season 2 came out but I can not find as I do not know the name.