Why was my comment on a game denied

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Hi All

I made a comment on a game that has been wrongly identified as abandoned , however my comment got deleted by a mod (my guess would be because the mod is the one that flagged it and has replied to other posts that its abandoned )

My comment read :- This game isn’t abandoned , the devs patreon just got deleted and they are taking a break untill March 2024 , they are now on subscribestar and the game is ongoing https://subscribestar.adult/rannero

any ideas (other than my idea above ) why my comment might have been denied by a mod

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@ThebestpicsNSFW As for the denying of a comment, I have nothing to say about that?.. not sure why it was done!? :thinking:

Now as for why it was marked abandoned… That I can say it is for the case that it never dose get updated… Now yes the Dev’s of the game said they would return by March 2024, but I have seen many that don’t… Weather it be they lose interest in the game or something happens on there end that prevents them from continuing!

So it gets marked as abandoned, till some one requests for the updated version on this site… Should there be one! :grin:

See the best example of this is…

It has been marked as abandoned! :expressionless:

As it stands the Dev of the game has 0.4 Ready but had taken a break for health reasons…

So I am waiting till the Dev makes an update available… so then I can request it to the site to be updated! :sweat_smile: