Why do people keep uploading to shit like gofile or anonfiles

dont get me wrong gofile is good, but most of the time the game related is deleted off the website, also anonfiles is shit, dont even get me started on mega. for anonfiles its obvious that the download speeds are way slower, and if you were wondering no its not just my internet being bad, im not saying my internet is good, but depending on the website the download speed can be different. what im trying to get at is why dont people upload to places like mediafire or zippyshare, those websites dont delete downloads and they have comparable download speeds to gofile or mega, maybe im unaware of issues with these websites or some other thing thats bad or dangerous about these websites, yeah anyway please just start using mediafire i wanna actually download games without having to wait a millennia

I agree, on anonfiles is being slow on a fast internet connection.
My downloads failed twice when using these hosters that throttle /limit download speeds for free users.

And that’s the main culprit.

People who upload most likely have premium accounts on these hosters and thus don’t feel the pain or frustration of free users.

I understand it because I always go for mega.nz and use that because once I purchased a subscription, everything runs smoothly (speed is same but no limited Gigabyte quota) (though the gigabyte quota could also be bypassed via VPN switching)

Mediafire and zippyshare are also good, but when they crackdown, the users entire account is nuked.
Also there are uploaded data limit for free or premium accounts.

I believe mega premium has a higher limit than others.

The other restricted hosters might be more lenient on account suspension or removal. They might just delete the reported file and still allow the premium uploader to re-upload. Thus, their money isn’t wasted.

Pricing for these hoster’s premium accounts for the uploaders could also be a factor in their decisions.

All in all, I agree that using a less restrictive uploader for consumer downloading satisfaction would be appreciated.

gofile is fast and no size restriction