Which game are you playing this weekend?

I am playing Mystwood manor. Has a good mysterious vibe. It was kinda grindy so I toned it down a little just to be bearable with some mods. The models are pretty hot ngl.

What game are you playing?

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Recently picked up a Steam Deck and finished Fresh Women, Season 1. Going to give Lust Academy a read this weekend.

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trying out the awakening now

it would have to be … the way love goes … or … reverse psychology

I’m gonna replay lust epidemic and treasures of nadia, heck might even try the genesis order by NLT media.

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About to tryout Princess & Conquest. looks good

Games this weekend for me 1] Skyrim 2] Desert Stalker 3] The Hard Way 4] Grandma’s House and 5] Dating My Daughter :wink: :blush: :wink:

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I am going to try Parasite Black and Mystwood Manor. I finished Grandma’s house & Desert Stalker this week and loved them both :heart_eyes:

just downloaded v0.20 of grandma’s house :smiley:

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I played Just Friends yesterday. Looks cute to me :slight_smile:
Probably going to try another path today.

Going to try out Heavy Hearts :thinking: