Where's the realistic games?

So I would consider myself something of a fanatic when it comes to playing porn games. I find them to be much more fun than watching porn. I have noticed though that theres a FAR greater ratio of fantasy element games than anything realistic. Why is there a majority of games where the women have 44 ggg breasts, or they have dicks, or theyre foxes with ears and tails. IF theres any creators here PLEASE can we have more realistic games. small breasts are fine…realistic looking females. How about games with wives that are seduced into being cheaters…bawdy traditions was the best at keeping a semblance of realism. anoter game that was pretty realistic was the office wife…although the later updates seem like hes changing too much. All im trying to say is we need more games that have semblances of relism PLEASE.

Actually its 64 ZZZ breasts, and dudes with 9 inch wide dicks that are 24 inches long.

Perspective - It’s easiest to write something nonsensical that isn’t realistic, and typically a niche like cat girls stands out and gets attention. A writer will only be able to write from the perspective of their own experiences, imagination can give you a theme, but it can’t give you knowledge of how real human beings operate.

Language - Most writers that come to the adult industry do not have a strong grasp of their native language, and work with translators who also do not have a strong grasp of the language they are translating to. It is impossible to be a wordsmith if you are not a linguist.

Proportions- I can’t explain this, I don’t understand this, I love real women and real dicks and I’ve never seen anything attractive about exaggerating features in real people or in fantasy, natural is my personal fetish. It goes so far as to nearly ruin games that had great writing, and a great art style, just because dude had to have the biggest dick in a thousand settled planets and breasts 5 times the size of the girls head.

I’m working on something, but I am very inexperienced at this, so it’s quite slow. Everything I am utilizing toward my writing may be ‘altered’ to fit a story theme, but it is all completely based upon my experiences interacting with thousands of real people, my lifetime experience. How someone communicates, how different personalities cause people to react to situations, how screaming ‘I’M CUMMING’ rarely ever happens in real life, but it definitely does.

I’ve tried porn games in past and it’s so fantastic . That experience was good. Another one is I tried was herheartsdesire. It was something different and realistic experience. May be once everyone should be try this.

Ravenous. 3d renpy game. It’s more story focused than porn. (however there is a lot of nudity and skimpy clothing. Also tags incest and smol, but u input ages. Not for everybody.
Also kind of horror based. Kind of.
Tried to keep it realistic within certain parameters.

Basically a kinetic novel as well.