What kind of gameplay elements/core gameplay you want to see in adult games?

We all know that adult games are not that innovative when it comes to interactivity/gameplay. I want you to write what kind of gameplay elements/core gameplay ideas you want to see in adult games if you have a solid ideas about it

the key is to balance explicit content with engaging gameplay elements that respect the player’s agency and preferences, creating an enjoyable and immersive experience.

A mechanich that I like is a “whoring” system, like, Karryn’s Prison in wich the female characther stars innocent or rough when sex stuff happens and slowly becoming more welcoming or even wish to that things happend, and of course, getting different outcomes/options attadched to this, for example, in KP, you unlock sexual attacks according to your slut level, the higher it becomes, new abilities are unlocked, while if you stay at a low slut level, you unlock endings, and your fighting skill become better, I would like to see more “non-slut” content on adult games, to be honest, I feel like has lot of potential to even be a just ecchi game, and maybe with this route, attrack more people that just want a challenging old-way RPG

Sometimes just wanna play, sometimes, just wanna fap

I think the mechanics and technology are evolving quite nice, my main complaint are the development and depth of the characters and relations. I am starting a project to adress that. If you can check it out at AVN Script | Patreon

Hello. I think visual style is very important. I personally really like pixel graphics and animation - they have a peculiar charm. Most of the games are visual novels that do not differ in either visual style or variety of gameplay. There are almost no games similar to collectible card games. Few strategies and simulators. It is not necessary to make the game in 3D format. Often games just turn out ugly. And I still say this modestly. There are games that look very nice, for example in the RPG genre. But there is plenty of garbage here too. Here is an example of a very successful game - which has an original strength and plot and varied gameplay - there is a strategy and a farm simulator and the game is not overloaded. If this is not an advertisement for the game or a link to the game, this is simple news - “Cloudy Meadow” – Incredible farm simulator? – FairyHaven.

To make a game truly engaging, focus on these elements, but don’t complicate them:

  1. Character Customization: Let players shape their character’s looks and actions, including their daringness. This enhances player connection, even if the impact on the game’s outcome is minimal.
  2. Dynamic Clothing System: Clothes should do more than alter looks; they should affect interaction