What is the difference betwwen the netorare and NTR tags?

i saw the tags netorare and NTR with a red background in it so im wondering which is which and i clicked on the netorare tag and i didnt find any explanation

i think that netorare is the one where the protagonist is the one who is doing the cuck
and NTR is the protagonist getting cucked
im confused
because there is something called netori which means “person 1(you) doing the cuck to another person”

is there any difference?

…i could play the games but i really dislike getting cucked so im hesitating to figure out which is which

From experience, of the games i have played…

NTR in Red - means its you getting Cucked and its unavoidable

-where as-

NETORARE - can be a (bit of both) and is or has the ability to be avoided, whether that it be an option to disable or with a certain ROUT options in the game to avoid this content.

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