What is the difference between real experience and adult games

I would love to ask you all who are relate this question. I’ve experience in both and I feel real experience is better then realistic adult games. Some popular games I tried and enjoyed it.

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Why do you feel real experiences is better than realistic adult games?

I played some adult games. It wad quite good but many things are not working proper and also feel like realistic experience is better than games.

You already said that and I asked you WHY do you feel real experiences are better than porn games?

Real experiences can offer emotional connections and intimacy that porn games often lack. Many people value the emotional aspect of sexual encounters and find it more fulfilling.

And why only real experiences can offer emotional connections and intimacy whereas porn games can’t?

real experiences offer emotional connections and intimacy due to the authentic human interactions, empathy, spontaneity, shared vulnerability, and the potential for long-term connections they provide. These elements are challenging to replicate in the controlled and scripted environments of porn games,

There you go, you answered your own question. :wink:

What about you for this question ?

Your answer is only part of mine as one of the main differences between real life and fictions is indeed that in fictions, everything is scripted as you said, nothing is spontaneous, natural and genuine, every fictional character is merely a mindless puppet who acts as they are scripted to act, they have no will on their own, as opposite to real people who have their own will and are autonomous, which feels more fulfilling than interacting with a mindless puppet.

The other part of my answer which is missing in your own answer is that real experiences involve both our minds and our bodies as real experiences take place in the material world whereas fictions involve only our minds as fictions are fantasies which are not part of the material reality, they are other realities that we can’t physically interact with because they have no material existence and therefore they don’t involve our bodies, only our imaginations, only our minds, they lack the physical interactions and our bodies’ involvement that real world’s experiences provide, no matter how detailed the description of the physical sensations a fiction provides, these sensations exist only into our minds, it is not the same as ACTUALLY physically interacting, our bodies are not involved and therefore only the spiritual part of our beings is involved whereas the material part is ignored, that’s why fantasies are incomplete compared to actual experiences.

On the other hand, the very reason why we fantasize to begin with is because we are unsatisfied with our real lives, they lack excitement, adventures and extra-ordinary as they are too ordinary and mundane, they don’t offer anything special to be thrilled about, we need fictions to fill our needs that the real world doesn’t fill because the real world is an insufferably boring routine, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, real life is not that different than being an automaton who follows a routine, we envy fictional characters because they experience extra-ordinary things that we never experience in real life. :unamused:

There you have it, this is my answer. :wink:

Good to hear that from you. Thanks mate!

Reality is worse because I can’t uninstall, but they both have horrible writing.

Have you any experience in Reality ?

Oof, I can finally answer to you now that I learned how to remove that ridiculous restriction to new users which limits them to only three messages per topic! :laughing:

First, I wanted to ask you why are you interested in porn games to begin with?

Then to answer your last question, yes, I had some real experiences but they were nothing as special as fictions, they were actually disappointing and that is all that the real world is able to do: disappoint me every time I hope for something good to happen, which is why I eventually stopped hoping for anything good to happen to me in the real world and have been focusing my mind on fictions which have so much more to offer than our insufferably boring real world where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens.

Even though I like your answer, I have to disagree with it because the reason why the real world is so boring is because it has no script, no purpose, no goal, no finality, no direction, it is an aimless reality which is why we find it unbearably boring because we need purpose and direction. :wink:

We enjoy video-games because they offer us what the real world lacks: an organized script in which everything is relevant and an end goal to achieve to win the game, there is nothing like that in the real world so claiming that both have horrible writing is unfair because some games have actually decent writing as opposite to the real world which really doesn’t. :wink:

In adult games, I can fap while in chastity.