Trying to remember a game i played last year

In the game you, your best friend and his sister go to an art camp with a few other girls.

It ends up being held at the ladies house that runs the camp, and also a cranky guy works with her.

There is about maybe 8 people with you, after a sort of meet and greet, you go an obsticle couse and the cranky girl hurts her foot. You take her back to the house. Throughout the game, the guy takes you to a strip club gets you drunk and you are almost kicked out but the lady who runs it helps you out and lets you stay.

You also take photos of people, go for a swim with some girls and have a deep and meaning chat with one of them. You also have a bit of fun watching tv.

You end up back at the strip club with the guy, but this time you sleep with the bosses daughter and given a package by a female police officer.

You end up sleeping with your best mates sister, and it ended where you receive a message saying you are dead(probably from the boss of the strip club for sleeping with his daughter), and your friend opens the envelope with the money and ask what did you do?

The game ended there, I do not know if it ever continued or was abandoned.

any assisteance would be much appreciated.

Found it, was called summer heat