The website is being really weird

as the title says the website is being weird as fuck for me and only the where you search part of the website was fine this also happened after i had to restart my pc and here is a picture of what the front page looks like for me

i also want to clarify i do use firefox
i wanted to be safe so i did try opening the website on opera gx and chrome and got the same results

this is also a picture of a game from the front of the website to make it more clear whats wrong

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Same for me. I have never seen the site look like this. I hope this is a temporary glitch, not some permanent change.

well the websight has fixed itself so ill just forget this happened and call it a life unless it happens again

I experienced some trouble with the website too and I assumed it was because of on-going maintenance operation.

I have this problem now

Same now too - Chrome Version 120.0.6099.225 running on Windows 10

Appears fine on newest version of Firefox for me though.

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im on latest fire fox and being weird too it acts like some site do with ba internet connection but ive even changed internet but still same thing

The problem should be fixed now. it was a cache issue. Please visit and press ctrl+shift+r