Succubus Temptation Crashing on launch

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The game is crashing on launch. I tried a lot of things but it’s still the same.

[Message: Preloader] BepInEx 6.0.0-be.668 - SuccubusTemptation
[Message: Preloader] Built from commit 46e297f210c27e9b4d26e7cd326625b53c83faa0
[Info : BepInEx] System platform: Windows 10 64-bit
[Info : BepInEx] Process bitness: 64-bit (x64)
[Info : BepInEx] Running under Unity 2021.3.19f1
[Info : BepInEx] Runtime version: 6.0.7
[Info : BepInEx] Runtime information: .NET 6.0.7
[Info : Preloader] 0 patcher plugins loaded
[Info : Preloader] 0 assemblies discovered
[Message:AssemblyPatcher] Executing 0 patch(es)
[Message: BepInEx] Chainloader initialized
[Warning:Il2CppInterop] Class::Init signatures have been exhausted, using a substitute!
[Info :Il2CppInterop] Registered mono type Il2CppInterop.Runtime.DelegateSupport+Il2CppToMonoDelegateReference in il2cpp domain
[Info : BepInEx] 1 plugin to load
[Info : BepInEx] Loading [XUnity Auto Translator 5.2.0]
[Info :Il2CppInterop] Registered mono type XUnity.AutoTranslator.Plugin.Core.PluginLoader+AutoTranslatorProxyBehaviour in il2cpp domain
[Message: BepInEx] Chainloader startup complete

I would appreciate the help!