Succubus Hunter [Ongoing] - Version: 0.7 Tips/Guide for Puzzles

I’m not too familiar with the levels, but I’ll just provide some pieces of guides to some of the more challenging ones and maybe a few easy ones. (I’ll describe them the best I can)

Shrine Bamboo Forest: It’s pretty simple. Use your wisp companion, (willow) to light up the shrines.

Fall (Orange) Forest: I think this is where the content ends and cannot proceed but for future update, you will have to pass through the puzzles once again, so I’ll provide tips for the two puzzles within this map.

  1. For the first one, it’s a bit similar to numbers. I can’t remember exactly, but the key to solving this puzzle is to count from 1 up to 4 or maybe 0-3. since the first one starts with a very dark-fill picture on the water fountain with the lever.
  2. Second part start From left to right, activate "3,1,2,4… " … This some weird fricking picture stuff with two animals I think, and the other two which i have no clue what they are exactly. I had to pretty much guess lots of it and I figured it out after a long while.

“Weird Mechanic + Spooky-Beware sign Woods.” The most confusing one I had was the part with the succubus ally, (Umbra). You basically have to hold “up” or “w” to be able to make her trigger switches and for her to carry you (Do this by repeated jumping while hold up to let Umbra Carry you over large gaps). Also, when you read the sign to “Turn Back!” after being friends with Umbra, you actually have to go back, otherwise, you’ll keep repeating over and over about easy it is to be lost in the forest.

I hope this helps anyone who’s playing this version to continue with the story. I’m also making this post as well to refresh my mind of what to do for future updates. Perhaps next time, I’ll try to make a more accurate guide/tips in the future when this game is finished.