ST Hot Dog King: Worm Nest Plague: 1.02 (Finished) My Tips & Review

Hello everyone, if anyone wants to know the password for the chest in the gallery, it is “1234.” if they didn’t change it during it’s updates. In there, you’ll get all the cheat items for levels, skills, consumables, etc.

Though I highly recommend that you do not max level (99) if you want to perform “break-defense” and absorb them easier by using sex skills. Even with the Slut-maker virus’s special skill being able to “break-defense” manually, it doesn’t work the same as “break-defense” if you were to use a normal sex skill.

Not sure if this game is considered long or not but for me, it took about 6 hours to complete the game which I don’t think it should’ve taken that long.

So here’s some tips/advice:

  • Story:
  • Do all side missions. It tells you that you don’t have to do side missions, but there are actually some necessary viruses you’ll need to obtain and cross-breed to get into the end of the game.
  • Combat:
  • You’ll want to use any kind of AOE skills if you want to clear the game fast. Like AOE poison, aphrodisiac, heat wave, etc. I like to keep combat speed at Fast as a way to make sure I can time my attacks as well as making sure the battle goes quick. (Trust me, you’ll have to fight and breed a lot for infections and protein materials)
  • Before using any skills, you might not have enough at the beginning, so just use “auto-battle” and generate “tp” or special points, rage, or technique points, (I dunno, I googled and it isn’t really an acronym for anything.)

My personal Review:

I have tried this game creator’s other games like Para Ark and Hungry Noemi’s and this is the first time playing as the antagonist in my experience and it’s pretty unique. I also believe this game isn’t as grindy and slow as the others. Though I don’t think there was as much content as the games I’ve mentioned.

I hope this helps anyone who is willing to give this game a try. Or to just cheat and see all the animations and works in the gallery. Password for Cheat chest is 1234!