Solomon - Upcoming adult game

For two years now I’ve tried my hand in game developing but after constantly changing engines and ideas that ended up in the premature termination of my projects I’ve decided to start 2023 by commiting and releasing an alpha within a week or two.

So I figured I would make this topic both to announce the rough idea of it and get some feedback hopefully, as well as adding a little bit of extra encouragement to myself. Now that the idea is out I don’t wanna walk back on my words.

Made on Ren’py and with HSunlimited, I’ve decided to make Solomon.

The rough idea is this: You play as a man who has adquired a contract with two demons after killing their previous plaything, obtaining two gifts from them. The ability to kill anyone you touch with your bare hands and steal the appearance of those people. The main objective will be to deal with the careless actions of the man whose powers and appearance you took (forever erasing your own, forcing you live as him) by trying to keep the authorities off your back and having fun along the way with his family and others.

I like challenging, but smooth games so it will have a simple yet intuitive set of stats to determine what goes down and what doesn’t as the story moves forward (malevolence, benevolence, stress, etc)

How does it sound? I’m open to suggestions and ideas for content from the get go.


So, is person jumping a game mechanic thing? Or a one time plot starting occurrence ?

I like the mystical history and stories surrounding King Solomon, so that’s a like from me there :smiley:

Will there be female body transfers as well?

I normaly don’t play stat management games and prefer story based, but if it is a simple system then I’m all for it.

Wishing you all the best and hoping to hear more about it as you get on with it.

The plot is one, and focused always on your character’s main family and body.

You will get two slots to fill besides the default, and you will be able to choose both men and women. Depending on gender and the profession of them you get access to short side stories with their families as well as opening up options that help you move along the story.

The stats I have planned are simply Malevolence, Benevolence and Stress, the first two are pretty obvious, the latter is more of a punishing mechanism for the player, sometimes you will be forced to taking evil choices, and if your playthrought has been benevolent thus far then your stress will increase and once filled the next important choice will be replaced by a stress unique scene.

I will upload an image or two once I get at least a dozen going.

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