Sex and Sex Again Revival

Hi all,

I completed the drugged sex scene. It’s taken from the old game where you can slip Judy drugs and take advantage of her at night. I know it being condensed like this to just jump into the sexual action isn’t exactly riveting story telling or game play but once again, writing the encounters then building the game to point at them. That’s the idea at least. Either way, get it below:

Mega - Media

So still trying to find funding. It’s hard because of the nature of what I’m writing. I’m pedaling an incest, rape game and you can’t just open a conversation like that. But a little history for the uninitiated, I used to read adult literary erotica, mostly written by random internet fellows on weird html and other websites. While waiting on a story to progress, I decided to write my own. What ended up as a 16 hour feverish writing session would make it’s way to become the beginnings of Marmota (meaning groundhog for repeating day) Nights focused heavily on Judy but was difficult to develop due to the website’s limitations at the time. And at about 15 threads in, if you gave a lot of choices, you’d have to write hundreds of filler options. Well, I became frustrated and reworked the game to Sex and Sex Again with some other engine. Had a few promising things but the amount of choices and threads I was going for would still be problematic so I gave up.

And caught up to now, Sex and Sex Again Revival - an updated reiteration - is being developed for a 2025 release date. It is a HTML role playing game and nothing quite like it exists. It’s very ambitious for one person to tackle, yet here I am. I have finally found my groove although it’s still going to require more trial and error than anyone would like. Either way, it’s going to happen but funding is an issue. I am using outdated hardware and software and everything else in between. I’ve only gone into full time development recently and am running a $3 campaign. One pledge of $3 on the subscribestar website will get you the fully imaged 2 million word game once it is completed.

To do some book math for you, that’s over 4400 pages or over 6 Game of Thrones books. Images will tally in the hundreds to maybe thousands. My end retail price will probably be much greater than the current $3 ask, so invest now for the savings. There will always be a free version of it floating around but the premium version will be updated consequently for a bit. So if you want to capitalize and support, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only surprisingly had 10 people take me up on that offer and they’re much appreciated. Honestly, these early investments mean that much more and you can help by taking a read, maybe spreading the word and definitely pledging that $3. The idea is to ask a little from a lot of people to make this possible as I’m uncomfortable with anything more, knowing it’s only roughly 25-30% complete at the moment. But if I can get more support, I’d be able to add better imagery and probably write faster too.

So if ya’ll haven’t noticed, I’m trying to up my advertisement game. There’s not really a central place for what I’m trying to write/make so it falls kind of hard in between a lot of categories. But I remember editthis and cyoa websites about a decade ago were kind of popular with the emerging medium. Now it’s scattered and it doesn’t help that unethically AI created content is here to compete. Either way, it’s the long game and I can’t let any hiccup, big or small, bring me down too much.

If you’re curious, from my numbers, I have 13 pledgers and about 1-200 watchers. It’s the internet and I’m writing taboo stuff so I don’t expect it to make it to the front page of anything with algorithms. Even so, with an influx of people will mean an influx of opinions good and bad. And although I’d like to avoid controversy, I don’t think it’ll be entirely possible. But I like to keep things wholesome… this is all just play pretend for me. My work should be read and treated as smut to keep to yourself. Thanks and enjoy!

So if you like what you’ve read and can forgo a cup of coffee, $3 on subscribestar, 2025 premium release date. But that’s it from me. Thanks. - Icarus Dragon