Searching for a specif game

First I would like to apologize, English is not my mother language.

Thank you in advance for anyone who reads and can help me. I’m looking for a game, of course. But the thing is: I don’t remember much about that game. I only remember a few specific scenes, I’m going to describe them and I hope they can help me. I remember very little, I remember that for some reason the MC returns home, he doesn’t have or has lost his father, initially he spends a lot of time at the neighbor’s house because his mother is a busy woman, at some point in the gameplay the neighbor offers to cut his hair, at some other point in the gameplay he also discovers that his mother and this specific neighbor are having an affair, which makes him very angry, especially because no one told him that, I remember that he spends a few days outside the house and the neighbor tries to calm him down, the game also shows us some flashbacks of how the neighbor and her mother met, they were friends from college or something, they had their first night in a dorm, even at college. Well, that’s it my friends. That’s the little I remember, I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.