Rundown of where to put types of files?

I’m honestly not that great at figuring this sort of stuff out, and not a lot of uploads tell you where to put the downloadable extra files.

Is there anyone knowledgeable that can put down some bullet points of where to put certain types of mods/add-on, etc.?

Ex: I downloaded a gallery unlock rar file for a renpy game that consisted of

Scripts>Gameplay_Screens>Gameplay_screen_arch.rpy & Gameplay_screen_arch.rpyc

I had no idea how to actually add it to the game to use it. I tried putting it with the exsisting script folder and nothing happened, i added the 2 files by themselves (this prevented the game from being loaded at all). Just couldn’t figure it out.


Can someone make a list of general rules of thumb for where to put common addon files for Renpy games (unlocks, cheat menus, etc) often found on the site? Is it even that simple?

I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t really researched and likely a more skilled person who has actually done these may know better.

But, I do remember reading in someplaces that you may need to create a new folder (if not present) in the root install folder.
New folder name should be called game (not sure if it matters if the G is upper or lower case) and all your mods stuff should go in there, like files and or folders.

Now, I don’t know or remember if this was for something specific but, it doesn’t hurt to try testing it out for your files.

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Unless noted by modder or if there is any readme notepad, the installation path is always by default copying and pasting them in game file.

  1. Copy the content of the extracted .rar mod file
  2. Open renpy game file
  3. Proceed to a file named ‘game’ in the renpy game file, and open it
  4. Paste and click replace when prompted
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That easy? It doesn’t matter what it is or what it’s doing?

Ty, I will keep this in mind for the future

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Yup, all it does is replacing existing files with the same but modified content files. It won’t replace all files, just essentials to the game story.

As always, a disclaimer that users are responsible for any modifications to the game, gane creators are not responsible if the game crashed or anything.

Here’s a sample of a modder’s Patreon page that I use/follow, it just wrote one line of instruction haha.