[review] Crimson High is a surprisingly wholesome VN experience

Note: All spoilers in this review will be clearly marked so you can read without worry.

Game link: Crimson High

Ahh. I love a story with a character who isn’t a total degenerate. Unrelateable, I know.

Crimson High is by most accounts very much your standard linear VN with very few actual choices to make. I honestly would drop most games that play like that but there are a few things about Crimson High that I really like that have caused me to stick with it.

You’re placed into the shoes of a young detective (that you can name) investigating a gruesome murder at an all-girls school. You quickly uncover ties to otherwordly beings and cults and your entire world is turned on its head as you uncover a hidden society living under humanity’s nose, forced to hide for their own survival.

SPOILERS: MAIN PLOT (click me to view)

Your character discovers that there are people with traits from mythological beings - called Myths. things like Minotaurs from Greek mythology, Vampires, and the like. Each has different powers and cultures.

These Myths are forced to hide from humans to prevent war. Because humans are assholes. However, there are dedicated groups of people who hunt Myths, because they’re even bigger assholes.

You will slowly delve deeper into the Myth world as you forge bonds with the girls from the high school your case takes place in.

So, what makes this game good enough for me to stick with it?

For starters, the main character is just neat. He doesn’t look amazing, a little boyish, but he’s a good-hearted person.
He’s clearly interested in women but it’s not his entire personality, and proves time and time again that he cares more about the people around him than he does about getting some of that 'tang.

Which brings me to the main thing: this game is wholesome as fuck. Each side character you meet will have a very unique and interesting personality and backstory, and a lot of them are quite sad, but your character does the utmost to protect these girls and help them overcome their struggles. You genuinely see these characters grow into better people as you get to understand them more.

Of the entire cast there’s only one character I don’t like (I’ll get into it, like, later).

As for adult content, it is very spaced out. This is definitely a game you play for the story, and the sex enhances it, rather than the other way around. If you’re expecting to boot the game up to instant tiddies, you won’t like this game. From what I’ve played so far, sex seems to be mostly vanilla. I don’t know if that’s a pro or a con for you, take it how you will.

The visuals are pretty standard, I believe they use Koikatsu models which isn’t uncommon, however there are a good few details put into the background that actually have relevance to the story, so +1 for that if you’ve got sharp eyes.

The game also has hidden hamsters in the background, and if you click on them you unlock artwork of the characters. I highly recommend you turn on the hamster hints from the menu because the hamsters are usually tiny, and very well hidden. Hamster hints tells you when a hamster is present on screen but not where.

The writing is pretty solid. Either English is the dev’s native language or it’s VERY well translated because I don’t notice many typos or poor grammar situations at all. The game is filled with good humour, but can also be pretty dark and serious at times.

In Summary:


  • Great characters
  • Good humor
  • Very wholesome 100% keanu chungus reddit moment
  • Visuals are good
  • Music is good (though I always tend to play VNs with my own music)
  • Brilliant story


  • One character acts like an airheaded valley girl as her whole personality, which includes constantly saying “like” mid-sentence, which is annoying to read
  • Some of the side characters look a little too young for my tastes (and one character practically acts like a child)
  • There is a LOT of writing with very little in the way of interaction, the choices may as well not exist at some points
  • On one occasion, the attempts at humor sully an otherwise touching and heartfelt moment
  • NSFW scenes are pretty plain thus far. This could be a pro if you’re into vanilla.
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I’ve seen it highly recommended on several sites which cater to pedos with cop fetishes (#ACAB), but I’ve never given it a try because it looks pedo AF and I’d rather set pedos on fire than cut pedo devs any more slack. I no longer gjve a slack. I’m fresh out of slacks. No slacks will be given.

You lost me at “standard linear VN with very few actual choices to make” even though you added that you would normally drop such games but this one has redeeming qualities, that is still not enough for me because I can’t stand being relegated to a mere spectator with little involvement in the events which unfold before me, I want to be involved and choose the way the story goes, no matter how great you claim the story to be, I don’t want to be a mere observer of a linear story so I pass.

The game looks interesting.