[Ren'py] Insexual Awakkening

([Ren'py] Insexual Awakening - v1.0 by Sex Curse Studio 18+ Adult xxx Porn Game Download)
My apologies but i just checked again how to request a game update so i meant to say in the title: [Ren’py] Insexual Awakkening - Version 1.1
Although the game is finished i have 1 problem with the game and thats that the majority of H-scenes are just images-my request is that if its not already in the works then PLEASE make it so that ALL H-Scenes be motion/animated-i love the game and if this/these change(s) become implemented then it will become of if not my favourite game on this site-so again Pretty PLEASE MAKE ALL H-SCENES ANIMATED/MOTION!