Project Bounded - Developer Preview Release (Free)

Version 04 is available.

Creator page:

Download links:

Mega: 3.8 GB file on MEGA

Game type : Unreal Engine 5 Open world Adult RPG

Developer preview V0.4 release info:

  • (Almost) fully maxed out, to test how it runs on different platforms;

  • FPS counter, so screenshots and plarform info will be useful;

  • Quest and dialogue system test;

  • Island available for free roam and exploration ;

Install info:

  • Download and unzip;

  • Install Runtime (vcredist_x64 or x32), if missing;

  • Install DirectX 12 runtime if missing;

  • LAUNCH ONLY the .exe file inside the main folder (Project_Bounded.exe). It’s a developer preview, unpacked, so launching or opening other files will result in game crash!


  • WASD to move, mouse to look around;

  • “Space” to jump;

  • “Enter” to skip dialogue ;

  • “Esc” to close dialogue ;

  • “Q” to quit.

Hope you like what you see and support the project!