Para ark - 1.04

([RPGM] Para Ark - v1.03 by ST Hot Dog King 18+ Adult xxx Porn Game Download) - as good as this game is,there some things id like to see changed( yes im back again to complain)
1.when sasha uses the skill love touch on an ally the scene will play out but depending on who or what ally it is the receiver will be that of the ally–example-Sasha uses the love touch skill on rachet fish,scene play with sasha having sex with rachet fish,you can tell its rachet fish due the mermaid lower half being shown in the scene
2.when an ally uses the love touch skill on sasha the scene will show the ally being in a more dominant position,in other words sasha will be on the floor and the ally on top and again depending on which ally the scene will show the correct appearance
3.different sex scenes will be used for each individual ally as well as the correct phase of the offspring growth when sasha uses the love touch skill
4.lastly for now is when the twins use love touch on themself it will show the twins having sex with the large penis being in the scene as well