Original games are the future of the industry

Hi all. I want to draw the community’s attention to the fact that there are very few original games in the “adult games” genre. Basically, developers make low-level, cheap and stupid visual novels - because it’s easy. I want to give examples of interesting but underrated games that either went unnoticed or were ignored by players. I will also be very grateful if you share your opinion and name at least one game that you really really liked and briefly explain what exactly interests you about this game. Thank you for your attention .

Here is the first game from my personal list - Astra. Unfortunately, you won’t find the game on this site. the game was made by the same person as Eroico (you can watch it on Steam). If Eroico is a fantasy platformer with pixel graphics, then Astra is a space opera action game. In order to understand what I’m talking about, take a short look here Astra – FairyHaven. Unfortunately, I did not find more detailed information other than this. If you find something please share with me. Kyrieru - Here is the developer’s blog - on other resources his work is not indicated at all.

I feel the same way about RPG/RPGM games using the RPG Maker engen because it’s easy to use and they mass produce the same garbarge with no animations, sound and same gameplay. There are only a very few good ones [RPGM] Princess And Conquest - v0.20.12R by Towerfag 18+ Adult xxx Porn Game Download for example.

A game that is simular to the game you listed is Dragon Sleuth Brittany by Cherry Blossom Games. That is not even on this website

Hello! Thank you for your message. It’s nice to see that someone responded to my news. I agree with you. RPG Marker is a great tool - but unfortunately, it is thanks to its availability that you can often see very low quality games made over a glass of beer in the evening after work. There is a game from 2004 - BraveSoul. It is now on this site. So, most of the games made in RPG Marker in recent years do not live up to this old project.

Oh thanks for the suggestion. Going have to try it out a some point!

Heya Bella Baracuda,

First, if you call games an “industry”, then you already deny their artistic nature since you put them at the same level as merchandises mass produced in series in factories and not at the same level as novels for example, would you call novels a “writing industry”?

Second, this fact of yours doesn’t concern only adult games but also all games and even all works of fiction as basically everything has already been imagined and people are inspired from each other and imitate each other, which fatally makes everything becomes more and more “déjà vu”.

I already explained why is it that there are so many cheap porn games & visual novels, that’s because it is easy money, especially with funding systems like Patreon where people subscribe to monthly donations while developers have zero obligation of quality nor of regular progress so they provide the minimal work and for the longest time for easy regular money.

As for some examples of adult games that I find worthy of attention, I already told you some into another topic but since you ask again, I don’t mind telling more here. :wink:

  • Once In A Lifetime even though the plot doesn’t make much sense because its creator has changed his mind a few times during its development and didn’t care that his changes of direction broke the plot’s consistency however I can’t help but enjoy this visual novel’s humor even though some of it bothers me because it is judgmental, the creator of this visual novel is definitely not very open-minded since most of his humor is indeed judgmental, which really rubs me the wrong way, especially since I don’t like the protagonist very much who I think does not deserve so much love from such extra-ordinary girls since he is an asshole, that and the fact that the characters are meant to be british and yet they look asian because the creator used a japanese characters generator and, once more, didn’t care that using japanese characters and pretending they are british doesn’t work at all and breaks consistency and credibility just like changing the plot’s direction does.
    This is why I rate this visual novel as average because it contains some flaws which really rub me the wrong way such as inconsistency of characters and plot and the creator’s tight-mindedness of judgmental humor and asshole protagonist however I still can’t deny that this is a very fun visual novel featuring very likeable female characters which could have been easily better if only the creator actually cared about consistency and credibility and wasn’t such a jerk.

  • Monkey Business which is an incestuous family story full of twists and choices leading to different paths and different conclusions including characters developments and nature of relationships.

  • Paprika Trainer which is an adult fan-made sequel to the TV cartoon series Totally Spies in which the spy girls have grown less childish and more mature and the plot is clever, I really recommend it even if you are not fans of Totally Spies which I am not either. :wink:

  • After The Inferno which is an adult visual novel of almost professional quality whose plot is intriguing… :wink:

  • Lord King which is an average post-apocalyptic adult sandbox visual novel about being the lord of a district of a city, managing your own district and interacting with other districts and the queen of the city, there is much to do however this feels half-done, which is a shame because it has potential and could be much better if polished but it seems to be the universal norm to leave things halfway done therefore it is normal. :smirk:

  • Twenty Worlds Agency - The Stories of Department 13 which is a short and cheap adult visual novel but not so cheap considering the multiples choices which lead to multiple stories which all share the same common plot but your choices can lead to different routes with different girls which lead to different stories and different conclusions, which I found really fun to try every possible choice to discover completely different directions of the same plot and experience all angles. :laughing:

  • Adventurer Trainer which is a fan-made adult version of Konosubasa which is a lot less hypocrite than the original since the original specifically criticizes other japanese animes whose protagonist is pervert but always chickens out every time he actually gets an opportunity to do something with a girl and yet, he does exactly the same which is plain hypocrite, but fortunately, a fan took upon himself to create an adult version without the usual censorship of TV animes which means that sex ACTUALLY happens which makes characters bond much deeper than the original’s platonic relationships and makes the experience a lot more fun than the shallow original! :grinning:

  • Devil’s Academy by Naitoh which is a fan-made adult version of High School DxD since the original anime is destined to young virgin boys and the purpose is to tease them and blue-ball them all the time like every ecchi anime which is why some fans make their own adult version who doesn’t treat people like kids and sex ACTUALLY happens, which makes a lot more sense than the frustrating original anime considering how pervert the characters are.

  • To Be A King which is an interesting adult visual novel about becoming the king of a roman empire, managing your empire, maneuvering through political intrigues and power games, interacting with other nations, making alliances and/or wars, all while developing relationships and building your harem while being careful to not cause conflicts between your women, it is a very deep and rich adult visual novel that I requested to be added here and has been ignored and which hasn’t been updated for a long ass time, which frustrates me because it really grew on me. :unamused:

  • Girls Next Door which turned me on so much that it made me cum without me even touching myself, which was the first and still only time that ever happened to me, unfortunately it is still at its beginning and has not been updated for a year now, which despairs me since it is one of the most promising adult visual novels I ever found… :worried:

Okay, so you showed me yours and I showed you mine and yours said this:
“It’s worth mentioning that the game contains pixelated non-consensual sex scenes with aliens, making it a unique and unconventional experience.”
That is soooooo untrue since there are sooooooo many japanese porn games about girls being raped by all kinds of things, japanese people are very much into rape and non-human rapists especially with tentacles, they are obsessed with tentacles, so this is actually standard japanese porn, nothing unique nor unconventional here, I even grew sick of japanese porn and I learned to avoid it because it is always the same obsessions with rape and tentacles.

Wow! Brave Soul’s graphics look like from previous century, very archaic for a 2016 game! :astonished:

Hey Day69, not everyone can make animations and sounds and can code new game mechanics so they use what they can to create their own stories and that’s what you should focus on instead of expecting everything from everyone, you should focus on what they actually make themselves, if they use a common game engine with common resources then what about what they add themselves which makes their game original? What about their stories?
Because everyone can use the same game engine and the same resources however everyone has to create their own story and that’s actually the most important part of a game since it is their story which gives them a purpose. :wink:
If there is no animation nor sound then there should be detailed description to stimulate your imagination and make you imagine them yourself, how about that? :wink:
And I actually dislike sound effects into sex scenes because they loop endlessly without any variation and therefore they sound mechanical and not organic, actually damaging the immersion rather than enhancing it. :unamused:
I prefer just some inspiring descriptions, dialogues, images and musics and leave the rest to my own imagination, that’s actually more exciting since that leaves more to the imagination. :wink:

I see you are into standard japanese porn games as opposite to me however I didn’t always reject it, I was into it myself for a time, and since you seem to be especially into monster girls, did you already play the most famous of all, Monster Girl Quest Trilogy?

I see you are also into furries as in anthropomorphic animals and there is abundance of this right here on this website, I know because I avoid them daily as I check updates everyday. :sweat_smile:

1: Everyone can make animations and sounds but they choose not to. There are a lot of free stuff out there (Ai for animations and free sound on internet and many tutorials).

2: The common game engine is not the problem (I do like RPG maker games, have played a lot of different titles.)

Your questions will be in quotes and my answer after, “what about what they add themselves which makes their game original?” The main problem is that they don’t add much and just keep the same formula.

“What about their stories?” Have you ever played and wondered what the story is? You fight, talk, go through different places and fight the boss, the end. (same fighting style as all other and doesn’t add a new spin on it).

“If there is no animation nor sound then there should be detailed description to stimulate your imagination and make you imagine them yourself, how about that?” Why not both? But they just use a still image and that’s it.

“And I actually dislike sound effects into sex scenes because they loop endlessly without any variation and therefore they sound mechanical and not organic, actually damaging the immersion rather than enhancing it.” That’s what these type of games do but with the game-play, same boring game-play loop, story not so interesting and still images. They could do sound and sex scenes with variation but they don’t and that is the problem. Just a still picture with some text, no variation, same picture for the whole sex scene if we even should call it that.

“I prefer just some inspiring descriptions, dialogues, images and musics and leave the rest to my own imagination, that’s actually more exciting since that leaves more to the imagination.” That’s fine but I feel like most of the games doesn’t do that and they could combine aspects of imagination as you describe it but also with some animation, it doesn’t have to be much. Like a character moving up and down as they breath while lying down for example.

I play all kinds of porn games and i only mentioned a few games and maybe that’s why you think i like japanese porn games. (listing all would take to long and i don’t think i can remember all of them), Monster Girl Quest Trilogy didn’t seem interesting to me so i haven’t played it.

Be it normal, monster girls or furry I like them all. I have checked the furry from time to time and if it’s not a female + male, an rpg maker game (i explained my issues with it) i won’t play it.

Wow, you quoted me in a way to say the opposite of what I actually told, I said “not everyone can make animations and sounds” and you quoted “everyone can make animations and sounds”. :sweat_smile:

Did you actually try to make a game yourself as you describe it?
Because I have been trying to become a game maker for years and if it was really as easy as you make it sound then I would have already released a few games by now.

Your ask me if I have ever played and wondered what the story is then you talk about gameplay, not story, therefore your answer is off-topic because you always talk from a gameplay perspective and never from a story-telling perspective.
And even so, I disagree with you because there are many plugins available to customize RPG Maker’s gameplay and many RPG Maker games use some plugins to customize their gameplay from the basic RPG Maker gameplay and this is one of the points which complicates the process of making games since each plugin requires some coding to implement and the more plugins you use, the more risks of bugs occurring because the more complicated your game grows.
It is actually rare that I play a RPG Maker game which sticks to a strict RPG Maker basic gameplay and doesn’t use any plugin to customize its gameplay, I find almost only customized RPG Maker engine’s games therefore you claim that “all RPG Maker games stick to the same formula” is completely wrong since there are actually more customized RPG Maker engine’s games than there are strictly basic gameplay RPG Maker games.

Since we talk about RPG Maker games, my favorites from what I played are:

  • Ouroboros by SierraLee that you should really appreciate if you play it for reasons that I can’t explain without spoiling the surprise for you but I guarantee that you will love what it has to tell… :wink:
    Ouroboros (NSFW) by SierraLee

  • Memoirs Of A Battle Brothel by A Memory of Eternity, you want some originality in RPG Maker’s gameplay? You can’t possibly reproach this game to lack originality and I REALLY want to know how they made a 3D tactical-RPG with RPG Maker! :astonished:
    I found an article who talks about this game in a better way than I could present it myself so here you go:
    I'm glad I looked past the name because Memoirs of a Battle Brothel is exactly what I want in an RPG | PC Gamer
    And here is the page to download it:
    [RPGM] Memoirs of a Battle Brothel - v1.08 by A Memory of Eternity 18+ Adult xxx Porn Game Download

  • Overwhored by OutbreakGames which is a porn parody of the video-game Overlord (not to confound with the boring japanese anime) about the 7 sins with an original and inspired story.
    Overwhored by OutbreakGames

  • Game Over Quest by Thomatoteam which is a french hilarious adventure game whose gameplay is about finding every possible way to die in the game (and there are many!) because each new death grants you a new soul and you have to accumulate souls to buy items required to progress the story, the game doesn’t take itself seriously at all and is a blast for a good laugh. :rofl:
    Game Over Quest by Thomatoteam

  • The End by Aegix Drakan which makes us experience what happens to a game world once it has fulfilled its purpose because the player has completed it and the game is over…
    The End by Aegix Drakan

Wait, from all RPG Maker games that I played, I actually appreciate only 5 of them?! :astonished:
I mean, I knew I am selective but still, only 5 RPG Maker games from the countless I played? :sweat_smile:
Oh well, but since you reproach to RPG Maker games that they all stick to the same formula then I’m going to give you more even though I didn’t appreciate them for diverse reasons that you can read into my reviews, they at least are creative in gameplay, which is what you asked for so here you go:

Once again, you don’t actually answer my question because I ask you how are the written descriptions and you still answer off-topic by complaining again about the lack of animations and sound effects, which has nothing to do with what I asked.

Holy shit, I tell you why I dislike sound effects into sex scenes and you STILL answer complaining about lack of animations, which STILL has nothing to do with sound effects, all of your answers are off-topic because you are obsessed with animations and can talk only about them, can you not think about anything else at all?!
Moreover, you always talk about making games as if it was so easy then why don’t you make your own games instead of only complaining if that is THAT easy as you claim?
I think you really have no idea how actually hard it is to create a good game, even with RPG Maker, you always talk as if everyone SHOULD be able to do everything, then make your own perfect game and let’s talk AFTER you have made it and we shall see if that is really as easy as you claim, shall we? :smirk:

About the lack of variations in sex scenes, that is the reason why I grew disgusted of Renryuu Ascension even though I really loved it at first because it started inspired, original and creative however its development has been going on for 10 YEARS and the creator has eventually lost himself adding ever more of sex scenes which fatally became all the same because of too many to remain original, you can’t mass produce something without losing all originality and Renryuu Ascension has become a factory of mass producing of repetitive and unoriginal sex scenes, which is truly a shame because it started so great, it is one of my bitterest disappointments. :worried:
There is also Monster Girl 1000 whose goal, as its name entails, is to fuck 1000 monster girls and when the goal of the game is to fuck 1000 people then you can’t expect much originality from it since 1000 sex scenes will fatally become all the same and lose all appeal and that’s exactly what happened when I played and I quickly got bored of the game and got rid of it because, as to be expected, fucking 1000 girls becomes very quickly repetitive and tedious and doesn’t allow any emotional bonding with anyone since there are too many people to fuck to have time to actually bond with anyone, which I find pointless as it reduces sex into a mere routine mechanical process. :unamused:

Sometimes even pictures actually ruin the immersion because they are off-topic with the texts. :worried:

And here we go, again, this is the 4th time that you answer about animations to something which was NOT about animations, why do you need animations in sex scenes so much that you are obsessed with them?
Do you lack imagination so much that you can’t even imagine their bodies moving in your own mind?

Eh, you complain that porn games lack variations in gameplay especially in battles and yet, you found Monster Girl Quest to be uninteresting even though every each of its battles are unique, there are no two battles which are the same, and yet you rejected it before you even tried it. :smirk: