Milfy City by ICSTOR - General Discussion

General discussion thread about Milfy City game by ICSTOR.

The game has a nice chunk of content, but the development has stalled for a long time. Apparently some things have been promised again and some things are happening if reddit is to be trusted:

Anyone has more/better information?

Don’t know but other games from ICSTOR are pretty good especially the animations. I hope milfy city gets an update soon. Tho in meantime I’ll try V.I.R.T.U.E.S a harem simulator heard it also has some pretty good animations.

VIRTUES is on the site.

If you have already started playing the mentioned Game:

Near the end of the post, under Walkthrough and Guide
There is a section Patreon Codes:

password_for_10 = “40379”
password_for_20 = “80539”

I understand that V16 would be for the latest version of the game.
But what are the two passwords actually for?

About the Downloads:
For each hosting site, there are multiple entries.
For Example: For Windows: Mega: it has 4 links:
Mega (Update Only)
Mega (Family Therapy)
Mega (The Trip)

Are we supposed to download each of them?
Or does the first Mega link have all the others in it?

For some other games I have noticed different Versions mentioned. Like the first link with have the latest version number and the other link mentions an older version. So you know that you only need to download the top most link.

But with named titles, are we to assume that these are separate games with just those chapters and the top most file is a separate game, without those side stories?
Which means that you have to download all the links to experience everything?

Or the First link has everything included and a first timer player only needs to download the top link and he gets everything.
Meaning, an older player only needs to download the named chapters or the Update link to experience only new stuff.

“Mega (Update Only)” is really an update from the previous version to the latest (from 15 to 16).

The first link looks like the full game, but I’m not sure if it includes extra chapters or not.
I haven’t played this game, but according to patreon, it has 5 extra chapters.
“The Trip” is the 4th and “Family Therapy” is the 5th.

With this in mind, I assume the first link includes all five extra chapters.

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Patreon says Milfy City will finish in March 2022 but I woudn’t hold my breath, the Dev didn’t even pause Patreon payments despite being AFK for a year

The password are for the gallery if i am correct cuz I didn’t use them as for the game file just download mega one and next time only download update only and paste it’s content in the game folder.
The other two are extra chapters that are set in the past they help us in understanding a few mysteries and are stand alone version (doesn’t need the original game inorder to run).

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