Hello Lewdzone Team, can please add my Game “MeetTheStreetRats”.


A young photographer comes to town. He dreams of opening his own photo studio.
The girls’ dance group TheStreetRats live right in his new neighborhood. They dream of becoming famous for dancing.
But dancing alone is not enough, and they need good pictures for advertising on social media.
So it makes sense to work together.
Gradually, the photographer gets to know more and more StreetRats and women from the neighborhood.
Each young lady has her own story, which is gradually told to the photographer.
The photo sessions and advertising contracts increase and each one is hotter than the last.
MeetTheStreetRats tells the story we all want to experience.

have fun with it…

Download Link ( Google ) : StreetRats Version - Google Drive

I would be so happy if you would publish my game here in Lewdzone.

Greetz BlackSnowFlake

I see from your pictures that you omitted to mention that your “women” look more like dolls than to actual women, I’m not even sure if “loli” is enough to categorize your game at this point since your girls don’t even look like little girls, they really look like actual dolls. :smirk:

Hi Maxime,

You’re right, my girls already have something of a doll. They are small and fragile, but also really super sexy.
I’m glad you were kind enough to take a look at the pictures.
Maybe you would like to play “MeetTheStreetRats” once and then give me some more input. That would be really helpful.

In any case, I would like to thank you for your comment.


I enjoy helping when I can however I’m really not attracted to dolls, your “girls” actually creep me out and I would call them anything but “sexy” to be honest therefore no thanks. :sweat_smile:

Everyone has different tastes…
One likes it, the other doesn’t :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support anyway.