Looking for non-VN / 3D POV games

The title’s a bit elaborate so lemme break it down;

non-VN: There’s a billion and one visual novels out there and I don’t want a game where I’m just clicking through text boxes.
3D POV: played from the first person (and not just occasional POV scenes), where you move around a 3d environment.

Bonus points for the following:
non-pervert Male MC
a good story/characters
solid writing (or at least, not poorly translated)

I don’t necessarily care for the amount of sex. I’m just after good mature stories/experiences.

A few examples of games I’ve played like this:
Last Hope
House Party
Harem Trigger / Oedo Trigger
Illusion games such as Koikatsu and Artificial Academy 2
Itazura VR
Masochistic Male Bullying Classroom 3D

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:thinking:This here be a good one! :grin: