Looking for games with (Centaur Content) in them?

So I am looking for Adult Games with Centaur content (Any)…
Have looked at the Search under Genres and there is nothing there…
Now that is no fault at the creators of the site its a great site!!
But i have this one kink and its RARE to find any with said content enough to justify having a tag genre Specific, I know of only one game so far hat has content…
So i figured the best bet is to rely on users here to find what I am looking for!

Thanks From a user that has a rare kink! :sweat_smile: :rofl:
~Any Game Recommendations Appreciated!!~

Well, a quick search on the site here turned out only one result.
Not sure if it is the same you are aware off.
If it’s something new to you , then enjoy .

Yeah that’s the one i know!
Thanks anyways