Lewdzones only allowing only allowing TRansfaze,Anonzip, and Fileknot

Fuck lewdzone b4 there used to be many other links u could download from now if u want to download u have to pay cuz if u dont its shit one takes forever to download and the other only allows 1 download at a time and after u download it it doesnt let u download another one. This web used to be good now it got fucking ruined so Fuck u lewdxone Fuck u


I completely agree I’m not paying the ridiculous prices for downloading privileges and speeds. And I’m for sure not fucking going to wait for 4 hours to download a damn game. Hate to say it I’m completely done with lewdzone after this pushing for profit with only these 3 selected downloading companies!!! Just trying to line their pockets some more via getting a commission from kicking over to download companies specific websites.


Mega.nz nukes the whole dame account with thousands of files on it just by receiving one copyright strike. You can imagine how labor-intensive and time-consuming it is to re-upload 5-6TB of data to Mega and then manually replace the links of 10-12k files in the site. We have no control there and are completely at Mega’s mercy. This company doesn’t communicate with its customers and deletes whole accounts without warning despite literally showering them with millions of monthly users with few Petabytes of transfer.
Pixeldrain is a little better, but after a few GB of downloads, you must pay for a good download speed. Transfaze is quite similar.
The three options available now simulate all the types of download sites we had before, but here, we have far greater control over manageability and communication with the hosting.
Of course with limited funding and experience, not everything is perfect. There are some stability and speed issues with them. All three combined serve more than 3 petabytes of data monthly. The teams are working on improving the speed, availability and stability. We are not going back to Mega or Pixeldrain.
I can only assure you that the service will only get better over time. Those file-sharing sites all started last year.

File servers and that extreme level of bandwidth are very expensive, so they have to make money somehow. Yet the pricing is very reasonable, starting at 1.99/month. Either this or stuff the file hosts with a cancerous amount of ridiculous popups/under ads. The devs choose the first option. On transfaze, you get 10GB of full speed (it can be slow sometimes based on which server the file is on and how much traffic is there currently, It is quite normal and even mega throttles quite a lot with some time and you get only 1-2 MBPS speed).

There are more download managers than Mega. Or don’t you know? They could add Mediafire or any other better ones than these that are now. What do they suppose they did with Mixdrop, Pixeldrain, Uploadhaven? These worked well.

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