Lewds: The Cult of Sex [Browser] [WIP] [LifeSim] [FemaleProtagonist]

Hello, we would like our game to get added - the latest stable release is always hosted here:

Discord: Discord

What the game is about:

Latest update summary:

Yo. The latest release (25-05-2023) includes the following changes:

  • a button redirecting to the latest beta release
  • completely reworked UI
  • new sound effects
  • a non-trivial amount of bug fixes
  • a new desktop release
  • some event changes
  • added relationships
  • added cheating & being cheated on
  • improved sex event a bit

We will try updating the stable version of the game at least once a week moving forward.

(I didn’t include download links because I’m only allowed to post 2 links at once in the thread)