Idea to give indepth reviews of games

Been thinking of dedicating some time to writting proper reviews to the games I try. Thing is I did some work for a novel company online a year ago and it sort of stuck with me. I love this website and noticed that many games have their comments sections rather bare bones, so I wonder if it would even really matter.

I wanted to know if any of you even bother with it or if you think it would be a good idea. I enjoy reviewing and since I have put my hand in writting, game developing and ma dick for more than half a decade I feel more than capable of giving straight forward, on point reviews for both players and Devs.

What do you all think? I have already wrote a few tonight and if interested I can leave some links to those games.


Sounds good. I like it :slight_smile:
Go ahead if you like!

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If someone wants to leave reviews for the sole pleasure of putting thoughts to text… I don’t see why they should hold back.

Just don’t get disheartened if you don’t get any response/reactions to them instantly.
It is a small user base at the moment.
You never know what the future holds and the power of Lurkers :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you will get loads of likes and that would be nice.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained :wink:


Thinking about it I suppose it’s more about giving back to the community in some small way. After all this is the first forum and website where I have mad an account with the porpuse of being active, other than literally just Facebook.

Really nice idea. Would you review my game sometime?

sure! What’s the name?

It’s Balls Out: Nu Vagis. I’ll DM you with the links to the latest version. Thanks is advance!