I want to make an adult A-RPG, some ideas?

I am a newbie developer but with experience in 3d modeling and animation, I realized that there are not many rpg games for adults so I would like to make my own, any ideas that you want to share to make the game more fun or sexy?

I already have a script and some designs but I want to hear some people’s ideas to make it the better game as possible

Hello buddy. Lots of fantasy themed games. And not all of them are interesting. Most of them are made as clones and resemble each other - especially if publicly available engines are used. Such games lack something of their own - something special. There are very few games with sci-fi or cyberpunk themes. Maybe you should turn your attention to these two areas.

Hey, good luck dude, I m also starting to develop my own, but I will only write the script. If you can check it at AVN Script | Patreon