I can't answer to people who talk to me because "new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic", what is this bullshit?!


I started to answer some questions asked in a topic in this forum and people keep asking me more questions to deepen the topic BUT I can’t answer anymore because “new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic”, I can’t believe how frustratingly ridiculous this website can be with such absurd restrictions, what’s the point of limiting the number of answers that we can offer in a same topic if people keep asking more questions to deepen the topic?!


Yes it is an inconvenience for new users… :frowning: but in reality its actually good… :sweat_smile: :thinking: it widely prevents Trolls and Spammers from ruining open threads and discussions! now yes it limits new users from openly participating but… I have been on Forums without that capability… and it really ruins its discussions and people tend to use the wrong treads to discuss things and then you have topic that have conversation in regards to nothing the topic was about! :expressionless:

So yes inconvenient but highly necessary! :grin:

First, what is this “founder” status next to your name? :thinking:

Also, come on! I have been active on this website commenting games pages for months already and I created my forum account two months ago, how long does it take to not be “new user” anymore?!

And so what if a topic leads to another topic as long as you can still comment on the original topic if you want to? It’s not as if changing topic during a discussion stops you from resuming the original topic if you want to and discussions are made of topics who lead to other topics, there is nothing wrong with that, it makes discussions more diverse because different topics interconnect each other. :wink:

Moreover, we are not talking about a restriction which stops you from changing topics, we are talking about a restriction which limits your ability to answer to a topic, you can still change topics from your first answer if you want to and you can’t deepen the same topic because you can’t continue to participate in the topic, even here I will not be able to keep answering to you after a few messages, that is just bullshit. :unamused:

So to start @Maxime_Martyr it is to do with Signup of the forum it was offered to the first 5000 an its a Badge they gifted to those users… :smirk:

As for the NEW USER stats i can only pin down… it can be changed by earning the Lewdzone Forum thus… New user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.:sweat_smile:

I found by earning more badges allowed the change! :grin:
Especially now that I have earned the Lewdzone Forum Which allows me to… now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have more likes per day. :wink:

And so what if a topic leads to another topic as long as you can still comment on the original topic if you want to? It’s not as if changing topic during a discussion stops you from resuming the original topic if you want to and discussions are made of topics who lead to other topics, there is nothing wrong with that, it makes discussions more diverse because different topics interconnect each other.

Its okay on a new forum like this but like on older forums this becomes very tedious especially to new users! :thinking: :sweat_smile:

So all I can say is earn Some more! Badges Here it shows all the badges you can earn! :wink: :grin:

I can’t believe that actually worked, I read a few topics and I was granted the basic badge, which makes this restriction even more grotesque because it is easy to get rid of it, it doesn’t protect anything because trolls and spammers can just post in a few topics to lift the restriction so your “this restriction is necessary to protect us from trolls and spams” is utter bullshit. :unamused:

And what’s that about “wiki editing”? I didn’t see any LewdZone wiki. :thinking:

As I said, even if people change topics during discussions, nothing is stopping you from talking about the original topic if you want to so I don’t see where exactly is the problem with people changing topics. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway thank you for telling me about the basic badge, once I knew how to earn it, it was easy to lift my ridiculous restriction and now I can finally answer to people who ask me questions elsewhere therefore sayonara! :wink:

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Well glad to have helped… And good luck on Future Topic endeavors!:rofl:

The restriction is a default mechanism (among many others) of the forum software itself to prevent spam and bots. Discourse (the software we are using) is very influential in this way. We do very little maintenance of this forum, but there is little to no/spam activity. This mechanism/rule alone may seem “grotesque” but it adds up to overall system.

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Wow, there is actually a human behind this website, I came to think that this website was entirely managed by bots especially since every comment on games pages is replied to by the dumbest bot ever made: Carlo, which replies the exact same answer to every question: “It’s not available yet.”.

I specifically commented MANY games pages to report that some tags were missing or wrong and Carlo ALWAYS answers “It’s not available yet.”, well, I had no idea that games’ tags were so busy that you had to wait for them to be available to be able to stick them to games. :smirk:

And you answer to a forum’s topic just 3 months after it was already solved but at least you provided some explanations as to why this website is managed so poorly, that’s because it is entirely automated with Artificial Idiocy and there is barely any actual intelligence who takes care of it. :smirk:

Your software is definitely grotesque because, as I said, a bot only has to post in a few topics to lift the restriction and I, a human user, had to ask how to lift it because there is no indication of this restriction nor of how to lift it otherwise I wouldn’t have asked therefore your software hinders human users more than it hinders bots. :unamused:

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And where are those bots in the forum? Can you spot any? If not, then it is indeed working. Carlo’s job is to keep the comment section away from bots and update games/tags if they are available in our source. Don’t expect much from minimum wage workers from the third world. We can’t afford 80k/year community manager. Maybe we can enable a subscription service and generate enough money to afford intelligent community managers in the future.

I think I am a bit intelligent, but I can afford to spend time on these. I hope you understand.

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Well, beside YOUR dumb bot, no, I didn’t spot any intruder bot on this website but then again, I barely spotted any human either, which actually explains that pirates don’t care about it either. :smirk:
Bots post everywhere in every topic therefore if someone had introduced a bot into this forum then it WOULD have easily lifted the restriction after posting in a few topics, the absence of bot into this forum doesn’t prove the efficiency of your inefficient system but the low level of activity to attract pirates’ attention.
With your logic, anything is efficient such as “Did you spot any terrorist into this forum? If not then our system is efficient against terrorists.” :rofl:

And this is exactly what it does NOT do since it IS a bot which does NOT keep away from comments to which he replies SPAMMING the same reply to every comment: “It’s not available yet.” even when no one asked for something to begin with, and I told you that most of my comments are to report missing or/and wrong tags to which it does NOT update the games’ tags as you just said it IS its job, it merely replies “It’s not available yet.” even though I DO request tags that are already used on this website but all it does is to reply “It’s not available yet.” to EVERY comment, I never saw a more useless bot than Carlo, ann you just said that its job also includes updating games and once again, the few times that I reported that a game was updated onto another website but still not here, did it do its job and update it? No, it didn’t. And guess what it always answered? “It’s not available yet.” even though I just told that it IS available on other websites, truly the most useless bot ever made. :unamused:

Why would you need a community manager when you barely have a community to manage? :sweat_smile:

Well, you definitely are better than Carlo at simulating human intelligence, I’ll give you that. :smirk:

More seriously, yes, I understand that you have other things to do than to spend all your life managing this website however I did suggest to let users update the games’ tags themselves, which would satisfy everyone since users could tag games properly without you having to do anything. :wink:

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The forum has 15k+ members.
When Carlo says that update is not available yet he means it is not available in our sources. We try not to rely on random sources. Last thing we want is being accused of spreading virus.
And we are definitely not letting users to change tags and let trolls and bots add whatever they like to the main site.
We have a better community at discord. The forum is mostly for reporting issues.

The forum might register 15k+ members but they are barely active since so few people actually post in the forum. :smirk:

That’s the thing because you see, I actually report that the games have been updated right on the websites linked into the games pages such as Patreon or Itch or Steam and yet, “It’s not available yet.” and I don’t think Carlo means anything since it merely spams the same sentence to reply to every comment no matter what the comments say, Carlo is a useless and annoying spambot, simple as that. :unamused:

It’s so funny that you are so paranoid with bots and yet you rely onto the most useless bot ever! :joy:
Do you genuinely think this website is so important that people will bother making a bot to change games’ tags just to troll the few wandering visitors here? :smirk:
And you actually don’t need any troll nor bot to mess up the games’ tags because they ALREADY are messed up to begin with, which is why I suggested to let users tag games themselves since whoever does it currently is doing a poor job of it.

You mean, for reporting issues that you answer to 3 months later? :smirk_cat:

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