How to update game?

Hi, I’m new here. I wonder how can I update my game.
For example (RenPy , HTML , Python etc.)
I have downloaded game v0.1.0 and Dev update their game to v0.1.1 .
I want to continue v0.1.1 with old save from v0.1.0.
Can I do it ? How to do it ? Do I need to keep all file or just some file ?
Thx. in advance :slight_smile:

If there is a save folder then you can back that up somewhere else.
Other than that, most of the time, you can simply install the new game over the old.

Re check the save folder if your old files are still present and hope all Works out.

Check for any readme text files in the installation download for guidance, if available.
Save folder may be present in the installation directory or your My Documents folder.

What game are you trying to update?
And is it on PC or Android?

  • Almost any game.
  • Android
    Thx for your answer

For Android games, most of the time, simply installing the latest update over the old will be fine.

Unless mentioned, you may not need to backup save files.

Some game’s new update file may even install separately.
For those, you may need to copy over save files to the new installed location.
Usually it is mentioned by developers if save files of previous versions are incompatible or you need to transfer them.

Android games are mostly installed in the android data folder.