How to report broken links?

The easiest and preferred method would be to visit the game in LewdZone and use the Report broken link link just at the bottom right side of the download links.

You can also manually create a new topic under this Broken Links category. Add the game name as the title and fill in the basic information that is asked in the description.

When to report broken links?
There are two conditions. if one of them is met, we will fix the broken links.

  1. Mega link is unavailable/deleted.
    If the game has a Mega link, but the link does not have the file. We will fix it by reuploading the file to Mega again. If the game does not have a Mega link, it is unlikely that we will add a new Mega link. So if you see any broken Mega link, feel free to report it. We will reupload it.

  2. All links except Mega are unavailable/deleted.
    The other mirrors like Gofile/Anonfiles/Google Drive are treated as alternatives to Mega. So only report if there are no links except Mega works. For example, if there are 4 mirrors like Google drive, Anonfiles, LZFiles and Gofile and at least Google Drive works fine, we will not update Anonfiles or Gofile broken links. but if all 4 of them are broken, we will reupload them.

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University of problem version 0.5.0 extended mega link

Where can I install this game?