How To Cheat for [free] in (ANY) Adult games "Novice" and "Advance" ways!

So to start with the NOVICE there are 2 ways to go about it…

First Novice way —>
Is strictly for (Ren’py games)… its pretty strait forward and has a simple interface to use and can be used offline! :grin:

Here is a screen shot of the window and its a save for Sweet Affection:

The game can be downloaded here:

And here You can Download The Renpy Save Edit:

Second Novice way —>
This way can work for Many types of games… One downside is that its onlineBut its still free!! :grin:

Here is the link to it:

And Finally for the Advance Way!..

Only recommended if You know how to use if you mess up it can RUIN SAVES!!

It is to use Cheat Engine Which can be downloaded here:

  1. Go to cheatengine . org without spaces

  2. on the left side click Downloads

  3. Select between the PC or MAC versions offered

These are some of the ways I found to get a bit of on edge on some of those Grind Heavy Games… and not have to spend hours trying to get in game funds or what not! :grin:

:grin: :grin: Hope this Helps some of you!! :grin: :grin:

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