How do i change files into a game?

Game Link:
(New here)
I have downloaded a game and it has downloaded all the game files to my internal storage but i have no ap icon to open it and actually start it. What do i do to change the files into something actually playable?

You need to remember which file you put the game into… for the folder that it is in usually has the application so start in there.


have you unzipped the file? for that may be your trouble.

… Which game by the way, by knowing I maybe able to help you better!

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It was rick and morty away back

It gave me the option to extract the files and i did, i have the original files and the extracted ones

so it the extracted files there should be an exe file there just double-click that! and it should be good to go… something i like to do is make a shortcut of it and put that to my desktop (you can put it i a central folder if needing to keep it secret LOL)

if that’s not working you’ll have to hang on i currently downloading to see if there is a problem with it!

I am on mobile if that affect anything

ahhh yeah that dose change things… i haven’t downloaded the mobile version… sorry to not be able to help you with that! :frowning:
wouldn’t even know where to start to help you there…
should have asked you first about that sorry for the little help!!

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Ahh damn. Anyways thank you for your quick replies, wish you the best ill just scrap it and avoid the trouble. Thanks!

Do any mobile games work or is it just this one if you know?

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sadly im not sure i stick with the windows download…

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Ill look for some other websites unless someone else knows and replies


First off, a mobile game install file would not be in a compressed archive and not be more than the single APK file… unless stated in special instructions for a special install… like having both the install apk file and the data or obb folder with game data files in it that you copy and paste in the data or obb folder for the game in your android phone’s Android folder.

Or if the game files are the PC windows version and you have to set them up to be played on the android phone via the JoiPlay emulator.

Anyway, all that aside, if the game you mentioned and wanted to play on your android device is the one I’m linking below… then there is an Android APK link for it.
You need to download that and not any other file.
(Such as: Windows /Linux /Mac OS)

The file name should read as:

As I’ve already downloaded it, installed and tested that the game started just fine; the downloaded file that you attempt to download shouldn’t be in any Zip file but a direct apk.
If you are getting a zip file then you are not downloading the correct install file for Android supplied on this site.

Best of Luck
And Happy Gaming.

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I know your issue

Some gamefiles are .zip even if downloaded from Android links

To install those games you need to change the file name from .zip to .apk

For example:

EXAMPLEGAME.ZIP is the name of the downloaded file

Press and sustain 2 seconds over the file untill some options appear at the bottom of your screen

To the right youll see 3 vertical dots

In there toull find the option to change file name

Then its just a matter of delete the letters zip

And write instead apk

Then your phone will be ready to recognize the file when you click on it (as usual install would be asked … instead of asking you to extract the files)

I hope itll help you

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Thanks man, i had the same problem and renaming it worked

This trick work on other game but not on high school master plz help

Can you please hp me with same problem… I’ve been trying to download to games but same problem… I downloaded android apk… But it says apk. Zip at the end of file… The name of games are “Tower of dreams”… And one more game with same problem… “takkei’s journey”… Pls help mee