How can I register on lewdzone to favourite games?

The title says it all, I can find a login button but no register button.

its not available yet… they said they are working on it!

they said they were trying to link the Forum Login to the Website Login so everyone has to login once rather then two times!

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Just to clarify, there is no specific date yet as when that will be implemented, correct?
Having a bookmark feauture is essential for stuff like this!

I appreciate any answer you will provide :smile:

@DesertStalkerAtNight Sadly yeah… there is no specific date, other then they said…

It will take some time though. Maybe we will be able to complete it within December.

But it is a complex thing to do so I would think it might take longer… But who knows! :thinking: :sweat_smile:

And yeah being able to bookmark on the site would be helpful… but it takes time to Code that in… And test it to make sure it all works in the end! :grin: :wink:

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Understood, thanks for the clarification! :grin: