Hmm any recommendation reverse rape game?

hmm any recommendation reverse rape game?

Like foot job , stocking etc

Don’t if know there’s even a game that centers around reverse rape but you can try out

Karlsson’s Gambit

  • It’s pretty much a female domination game depending on your playthrough and I’m pretty sure there’s a stockade somewhere in the K-4(??can’t remember but the lowest one) route. It might be a bit extreme for people but if it is, I suggest playing the K-6 route: the contrast is like night and day.

Also, you take so many screenshots, holy crap.

Also Also, since you’re sending anime girls unprompted here’s one back.

Sure this one has less context to the conversation but let’s pretend that that’s me leaving after giving you a… chess opening? Idk.

Most tend to be RPGM games, but Lilith in Nightmare or Tower of Trample might interest you.

I don’t have random screenshots of anime girls so here’s a baby Quail.

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