Hi All, I'm new to all this and have questions/need help with games

Hi all,

I just found this site and have been looking and lurking for a few days now. I’m finding that this place is overwhelming and I have questions that i’m hoping people can answer.

It’s hard trying to figure out what each game is/isn’t given how new i am to all of this and the sheer number of titles on here.

How do you suggest I find what i’m looking for? I don’t see a lot of info detailing them and many of them don’t have posted video/game-play i can google.

I’m looking for 3D/VR games where I can create hot female, trans-female, and futanari characters and them pose/animate them. I’m not interested in cartoonish looking games or 2D games that are text based with pictures in the background.

Any help or recommendations you have would be great, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you

Well, from the main site, you can use the search feature (tags section) to narrow down the type of game.

For example, the search results above have the 3D-Game and Virtual Reality tags selected.

Hopefully you find what you are looking for in their.