Hello Everyone xD

I don’t know if I am allowed to post anything here at random :sweat_smile:. But I would like to say hello, and that my name is kyo and I hope to see you around in the forum xD.


Hello, and welcome! It’s a bit lonely here, but it’ll grow hopefully. :grin:


Just a little bit of time, every forum starts somewhere.


Well this is the general section, it seems to me to be the correct place for it.

Welcome to the community.
I hope for you and everyone to have a grand time.


Welcome, although I tend to be in the group that is considered lurkers. Right now that is due to how new this forum is.


We believe it will start getting lot more activities in 6 months or so. We are developing features to connect the site with the forum more closely to drive users by offering utilities and improvements. It will grow eventually. Even at the current rate, we will effortlessly get 20k users in a year or so. We expect around 60k users in the forum before the start of 2024.


Hello… Happy late new years

God I’m tired


S’up, random person.


Nice one man and hello 2 u 2 welp its a delay chat XD

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Haha yeah! I kinda have exams so cant be active

Welp mine will end in about 2 days and good luck for your exam.

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Hello lol, how is everyone?

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It’s flu season, so take care and stay safe.

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Kewl, been waiting for a forum forever

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sup fellow coombros! :smiley:

nice to meet you kyo, likewise

hello kyo i am new here too but it looks great here <3

what’s up guys

I have wanted to publish a novel for a long time that has been in my head but due to different circumstances I have not been able to until now

I am a big fan of this page and the NVs that encouraged me to make my own

My mother tongue is Spanish so I included a translation within the NV

I am new to this and I would greatly appreciate your comments and advice that you can give me to improve and continue with this project that is pleasing me every time.