Grimdark Fantasy Games

So I would love to see this topic post thread to be long living as people who are addicts of this specific genre, but everyone talk and/or discuss of any Grimdark Fantasy themed games that have very good grimdark lore and NPCS, rape and (it doesn’t have to) character customization as well. (Any recs has to be strictly to it’s genre I’m requesting here.)

It can be hentai porn games or regular games, I don’t mind if some of y’all want to dm if you’re too uncomfortable to post in public ^^; I look forward to your reccomendations!!

Kalyskah doesn’t have any non-con content or plans to add them. But you play as a vampire lady that loves to use violence to solve her problems. On the legacy version, you have options to like “rip that bandit’s heart out” when they don’t give Kalyskah what she wants, and on the most recent update we also included a scene where she can sacrifice her servants in a blood bath. It’s fantasy and all that is up to the player’s choices, but also quite dark in the sense of how evil she can be.

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Hello dev(s) of the game! :heart: and I’ve heard about your game and such but didn’t get too far with it, but I just know I will definitely pick it up gain fully sooner or later :two_hearts: thank you for the recommendation for the game :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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