Getting verified as a Game Developer

We have noticed some of the developers joining our forum. We warmly welcome all the adult game devs. We would also like to arrange an exclusive badge/group for adult game developers who has at least one game listed on our main site and has made an account in the forum. Simply click on my name and send me a DM, and we will add you to the developer badge/group once that functionality is prepared.


Hey, I just got your email. Please add me in recieving the badge that you talked about in the email and season grettings from my family to yours. May 2023 be prosperous and excited :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:cheers mate

Pardon for leaving a post, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me how to dm you from here or on Discord. I’m a dev with a game here on LewdZone and would love to get the dev badge when it’s available. Thanks!

cool! any plans for a private dev forum too?

Am not a game dev but I do modify them

I am a game developer, but I still haven’t made any adult game :sweat_smile: