Games you gave a second chance and loved it or at least liked it more?

The questions stands what game did you first try and did not like it? Then one day you gave it a second chance and you loved or actally liked it?

I will go first:

  1. Timeless Island
    It was rough strating out, but when fnished it was pretty good. (Harem, Vanilla game, Supernatural completed)

  2. Savior
    I hate mind control, too many times it gets overused and not done great. It was the same for this game, but then the MC only uses it on the evil path I guess? (Harem, Incest (w.patch) , Supernatural)

  3. Mist
    It was rough in the beginng stages, then when it was almost finished they changed the first LI’s story and it was good. (Harem, Incest (w/ patch) Supernatural, compeleted)